Bush Game

It has been a little over 24 hours since we heard that some reporter in Iraq threw shoes at Mr Bush and few minutes back a friend just shared with me this link.

Objective: Hit President Bush in the face with your shoes. Do it!!


sadia said…
i hit him 6 times!!!
thanks for sharing!
Karamilah said…
lol, I managed to it 5 times, :)
looool yeah i knew abt it .. bas will try it later :P ..
it'll come really in handy whenever i feel like hitting somebody :P
oh and anony u did .. yaaaay mabrook the 1st place *cheering anony*
J o u J a™ said…
12 times
is that fine ,, wala u want me to hit him more ;p ??
Ya rabby laish chithy! I hope this can be forgotten altogether. Again I repeat what I said to Fourme:

As much as I disapprove of Bush, I thought that this was by far the most vulgar action I have ever seen. How would someone throw a shoe at anyone, let alone a president! There are other ways of getting your voice heard, and to gain respect you have first to be respectful.

The notion does not show Bush as a bad person at all. In fact, I respect him after hearing of the incident more than I ever did in the past 6 year.

I think this event would render us even more demeaned by the rest of the would. It reflects poor breeding and no self-respect. I mean, to see such an action from a journalist would only make you wonder what an uneducated person would do. Can you imagine what this journalist would do to his kids when they misbehave?!

Wallah I am worried about the ramifications of this!
MeeMzZ said…
i hit him 12 time this game is sooo fun!!;p wait wait i have to play it again!!;p this game is gonna be one of my addictions!!;p hehehe!!;p
Anonymous said…
loooooooool 3ajeeeba il li3ba! thanks for sharing

Technogal said…
Loooool I just finished my final exams today. so I didn't know about it. I checked my email and someone sent this game to me.. after an hour I noticed that it happened in reality!!!
ZuZu said…
gal3eta yestahal akthar ;p
Anonymous said…
Tried it three times - my record was only 5. He deserves more :) Not for any political reasons - he just has that face. You know?!
ayshay ayshay!
Cloudy Stars said…
that was fast! eshda3wa they came up with a game ib hal moda :p
sadia said…
lol @ buyousef!
i agree!
MeeMzZ said…
i'm still playing it and my score is 13 now that's the highest i could get but anyways while i was playing i was think why not high heels that would be waaaay better!!;p hehehe
kella met2a5er said…
It wasnt enough to hit him, I want to hit the iraqi guy!!

You know, I hate bush..SERIOUSLY I do hate this dumb wip, I mean mino y7ib haldethwy anyway!!? but I still think that was wrong and stupid what this reporter did...why?? salfa 6oweela 3areetha o maly 5olg aktib!

Lo mda55il nabba6a m3ah chan negash 9ma5a xD
Anonymous said…
Lol he got 6 times from me!
Mar8adoosh said…
5 ;p

bs a7is 3aib ina the guy hit him ;/ ya3ni it will only make him look bad ;/
Navy Girl said…
7aram ksr 5a6ry wala :D it was really mean y3ny !

i wonder what happened to the guy !!
A Journal Entry said…
hehehe maskeen bush!
reaction wayha 3ugub kan 3ajeeeeb!

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