HP HDX Notebook

I am not too much into gadgets these days but when at times my eye catches something I just so want to have it.

A few days back I was looking around for some electronics in Eureka and as soon as my eyes got on this one I just wanted to buy it the same time. The screen size is 20.1 inch High Definition and gives you a good feeling with that crystal clear quality. You can get more details on the specs here.

Still I didn't buy it for 2 reasons!!! The first one because I already have a laptop which is good enough and why do I need to spend another KD700 on a new one and second because the weight and size of the notebook is big and they didn't have a carrying case for it.

But I still have this crave in me that I need this notebook. Any reviews about it would be helpful?


It seems to me more of a desktop than a laptop.
sadia said…
looks good!
it's good for someone who doesn't need to carry their laptop around.
Hmmm it looks nice but seems to be heavy which is a down side!
Omg i just reread it again 20.1 in ! : s
I got 17in laptop which i feel to huge to be carried around every where n thinking to get me a more portable friendly one !
So unless ur not going to carry it around n use it as a desktop only then take it or else its a waste of money i guess!
libero anima said…
alaaaah loved it !..

bss as sadia said its good for ppl who dnt need to carry it around .. ya3nee it's good for ur work office probably ..
S E 7 E N said…
yah get a MAC a7san min hel window junk
MeeMzZ said…
looks ugly!!;p i think i saw it!!;p hey i was just saying what i think about it!!;p
ZuZu said…
I dont like it ;/ a7esah thgeel
Anonymous said…
Get a smaller one, 20 inches is huge for me but i guess for a guy, it will be fine, as long as you don't carry it around.For me i would go for Dell, the customer service is really good. Or i will go for Sony for the design,love the colors. Well i don't recommend you if you wanna get a mac, it look nice on the outer part but when you send to the workshop,uh uh, they have these business tactics to keep the customer.I used to have an ibook and i have bad experiences with it.
Ruby Woo said…
it's too huge for a laptop
Manutdfanatic said…
Speaking from personal experience-
(1) If you're looking for portability, don't bother.
(2) It IS more of a desktop. Keep that in mind.
(3) Nothing compares to it if you're looking for an entertainment-oriented machine. Great sound and picture quality, and the works.
(4) It is NOT ugly. On the contrary, compared to a lot of other huge laptops on the market, it's quite a beauty. ;P
(5) A Mac doesn't compare. I'm biased there though; in my (humble) opinion, Macs don't compare to trash even. :)
(6) All said and done, it is pricey, but worth it.
Anonymous said…
khalik 3ala laptopik mate.. bs 9ij shaklah 3ajeb
Charmbracelet said…
Looks good..bs these days kilman yabii portable w shakla kilish mu portable,,soo yea=)
Cr8ivia said…
i have this feeling with iMac , but the same reasons why i am not getting it . bas still u just want it !
nameless said…
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T9300
2.50 GHz
4096 MB
640 GB (2 x 320 GB)
Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD±R/RW Double Layer
9-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery
47.50 cm (L) x 33.95 cm (W) x 5.85 cm (H)
Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection
7.05 kg (15.5 lbs)

are u kiddin me? THIS THING IS THE BEST!

o 700KD? BAS? walah ib'balash!

im a mac'er myself but i need a pc for my autoCAD files so i made up my mind and im ona get this one, thanks man
Anonymous said…
Sham3at Al Jillas: I know all the negatives but its a gr8 machine!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. : I need it!!!

libero anima: I will keep it at my business!

S E 7 E N: not a mac person mate!

MeeMzZ: huh enemy ;p

ZuZu: look at the features they are amazing!

Zara: the screen size is the most attractive part of the notebook!

Ruby Woo: I know ;/

Manutdfanatic: thanks :)

ZaMaHReeR: ee the looks are more of it!

Charmbracelet: lets see...

Cr8ivia: I think u should get the imac and I should get this one ;p

nameless: I think I will go for it! welcome here...
sadia said…
you forgot to give my comment a reply :P
Anonymous said…
Sadia: sorry... I missed ya ;p *mistake* bs I like it sooo much :D
Then mabrook mo8adaman : D
Cloudy Stars said…
i need to buy a new laptop but im confused which one to choose.. so many laptops, so little time!
Anonymous said…
So many people around me dont like HPs, I personally have owned two HPs in a row. I love them!
The Criticizer said…
I know a guy who has one. He uses it mainly for gaming (War Craft, Command and Conquer... etc.). The machine is great performance wise but it's too damn bulky for a portable computer! I mean look at it, you don't want to become like him dragging it around on trolly bag as if you're going on a trip somewhere!

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