I had the worse experience of my life I could ever have with a bank. Let me tell you before I start that there was a time when I used to fight and fight till I get my right and now is the time when I don't see a solution ahead I just get up and walk away.

So today I visited my local KFH branch with my fixed deposit certificates in hand to cancel the auto renewal. Once I got called I went to one of the customer service representatives and told him what I wanted him to do. The next thing I know is that he is stamping my certificates with a stamp labeled 'Canceled'. I looked at him doing that and thought that he is canceling them because I have asked them to cancel the auto renew and probably that was the procedure. Well I was WRONG!!!!

When he nearly finished I asked him that why did he stamp them with this stamp? He said because I asked him to cancel all my deposits. I was shocked... I explained him again and he apologised. Well I was like its OK and walked out.

Sitting in the car I called one of my good friends who is the manager of one of the other KFH branches. He asked me not to be nice with them. He said that they should pay for all my loses. I explained him that the amount is not too big and I should just forget it. He wasn't convinced and asked me to visit my branch again tomorrow and speak directly to the branch manager. He said regardless of the amount I shouldn't let it go so easily. I am really angry at them but I just cant be bothered to argue.

My personal experience says that all banks in Kuwait are screwed up big time with really un experienced staff and terrible customer service!


Aurous said…
"all banks in kuwait are screwed up big time with really un experienced staff and terrible customer service!"

They are!! and you shouldn't leave until you get all your rights back!
Nemo said…
even if its the amount is nothing, you shouldnt just do nothing ...

if everyone does that they'll just keep being careless ...

althu I know that i do that too :( and everyone else does ... but we have to change!
Unfortunately as u and aurous said, yes they are : /

and im so sorry to hear that ..

go to them again tomorrow and let them sort things out !
fonzy said…
I work in a bank and i have to agree with u, banks in kuwait need a looooot of work to be organized and as professional as foreign banks, but the thing is very few big guys actually listen or do anything bout it
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
aaargh yabeelhom 6aag 7ttan NBK made my family name mistake from my sis's credit card i was like wtf and we renew one again and again and again :/ really horrible
Anonymous said…
Aurous: Its sad though..

Nemo: Lets see what I can do tomorrow!

P.ANONYMOUS: will talk to them tomorrow :)

fonzy: Its really sad to see that in such a country where people have millions in their accounts such a bad service.

♥ P-Ella ♥: You name it and they have dont all those mistakes ;/
Be fair now... Give credit where it's due. NBK is a good bank
NBK oo basssss =)

i have NEVER had a problem with those guys, even though i've had a problem with nearly every other bank in kuwait

moo de3aya wallah, bs mn 9ij ma yga9roon!
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
9a7 NBK o bs but my(location) NBK branch's workers just so slow, we had some problems with them.
Anonymous said…
I would have FLIPPED out!
Yara said…
I went to kfh coz of their high "muraba7a" for my fixed deposits too.. i had loooooads of problems with them , including them giving me half my "rib7" last january and the other half they couldnt give me till next january, anyway i moved to another bank. Bs the problem eli really got to me was when i had a big problem and i was trying to call them.. and a guy picked up when he heard my voice (that im a girl) he said call again plz. I did, and no one would pick up for hooooooooooooours, maybe they had a kashif and didnt want to talk to me coz im a girl? i tried calling from my husbands phone they picked up 3ala 6ool ;/
Anonymous said…
Sham3at Al Jillas: No they are the same too!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I dont like them either!

♥ P-Ella ♥ : tell me about it!

Batoul A.: Well its not the same here..

Yara: I went to them for the same reason...and believe me I have often said this to myself that the reason they dont pick up the phone is because they have a Kashif and they see our number! I often call them and they say please wait sir then someone will hang up on my face and when I call back they wont answer ;/
mjkout said…
"all banks in Kuwait are screwed up big time with really un experienced staff and terrible customer service!"

this is an understatement lol they are even worse than that

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