Weekend Fun

This past weekend was far one of the most exciting and best weekends I had in few months. All I did was riding from morning till sunset. You might call it gizzing but I doubt I have ever taken that many rounds of Gulf Road the much I took in these two days.

Friday morning as I was heading to the South. I saw Hellraiser on the Masella traffic light and quickly took a turn and joined him. I also saw theadrenalinefix.com. I wouldnt have noticed him if I didnt rem his cool looking bike tires that I saw on his blog :D. Soon we were a big group of 20+ riders and we all headed to Mc Donald and had breakfast. Thats where the fun started and I just didnt want to stop after that. Everytime I thought about stopping I would say ride Amu you might not be able to be in this good weather again. The roads were not that busy and it was just beautiful riding on EDGE. In the evening I met with N and her mom and we went to watch a live performance.

Saturday was kinda similar day the only addition to the day was I met up with some old friends I havent seen in a while. Stopped by at Marina mall to finish few things and met Mr. . . . (blogger) who prefers to be anonymous :) and spent some time at my business.

I finally treated my self with Nikon D560.


Ansam said…
my weekend was full of accidents
I ended up with broken nail and broken toe nail and a huge papercut and a bruised elbow LOL DONT ASK!
Glad you had a good time... You've been down for a while and you needed this. So welcome back
Anonymous said…
what colour did ya get?

i like the red =D u gonna treat me as well yeah? =P
Grey said…
Been a month no week end for me (untill next friday ... life sucks :P )
S E 7 E N said…
we should go riding together some time when i get back mate :P
Bel3afya !
May there be lots more to come ;) :P
Anonymous said…
Ansam: Ouch!!! well atleast you enjoyed the party :)

Sham3at Al Jillas: thanks :)

desertpalms: I got the silver :D

Grey: well atleast ur blogging ;p

S E 7 E N: definitely! let me know when you are back :)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: Y3afich :)
MeeMzZ said…
COOL, MAN!!;P 3ayik bil3afya!!;p
thats one productive weekend! :)
glad you enjoyed...el fal lena lol ;)
3anooda said…
3alaiyk bil3afia - ive been promised a ride bike but i dont see it happening anytime soon
think-become said…
i slept through my whole weekend

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