Friday Riding

The weekend and weather could not be better than the last two weeks. I have really enjoyed riding every second of it. This Friday I woke up at 6AM to use scratch remover Turtle Wax which I bought from Ace Hardware last week as I had a small scratch on the tank of Edge. I was quite surprised with the way it perfectly removed the scratch but later on during the day I saw the mark was slightly visible.

I started off from Salwa went all the way to Free Trade Zone. Stopped by the petrol station on my way back and then headed towards Starbucks Julai'a. I was riding between 160km/hr - 180km/hr and you don't feel it while riding this beast. The roads were empty and it was just amazing.

I will leave you with the pictures now and sorry for being late in posting them. I was just looking for the best time to take them with my new Nikon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


The Criticizer said…
Allah ya36eek 5aira o yakfeek sharra.
Aurous said…
I'm officially in love with edge ;p
PaLoMiNo said…
PaLoMiNo said…
btw 7inch meno hatha ;p
marshmallows said…
mshalla waaaid 7low

3laik bl3afya awl mrra ashof halon

alla y7f'6k inshalla a5aaf mn elsyakl =\
Anonymous said…
LOL, Amu, you are in LOVE with your bike! Look at all those photos, all those angles, all so lovingly done! You are in love!
A Journal Entry said…
allah wanasah il pics etshawig.. bs i'll settle with my bicycle.. it safer since i'm abit afraid of bikes! ;p
MeeMzZ said…
AND YOU BLAME ME FOR WANTING TO STEAL YOUR BIKE!!;P I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR EDGE!!;P give it to me!!;p j/k better lock it or else....
S E 7 E N said…
nice bike dude ... needs up grade

1) single side swingarm with a 300 or 330 inch tires

2) Exhaust system

3) nice set of wheels

4) NOS :)
Anonymous said…
The Criticizer: Allah ye3afeek

Aurous: Well sorry he is already taken ;p

PaLoMiNo: thanks..thats the biker ;p

Oranjina fadidra: it is beautiful!!

marshmallows: Allah ye3afich :)

intlxpatr: Tell me about it. the new love of my life!! I even clean it my self as I dont trust other hands ;p

A Journal Entry: thanks...well u should upgrade urself from bicycle to motorcycle :D

MeeMzZ: Its locked to keep it away from u ;p

S E 7 E N:thanks :)) I like the stock version more...NOS u must be joking..the bike has got enough power to go wild I will killing my self to add more onto it!
Anonymous said…
I woke up at 7 peaked from the window and remembered what you said about the rain and it looked like its gona rain.. sms'ed my riding partner and he agreed so went back to 9 i was up again and pissed off it did not rain...sms'ed him again but no answer went down to Marina had coffee then all the way Sharq then back home again...even more pissed off.,,i missed this Friday.

Too many white Hayabusa's today at the green island..i was trying to figure out which one is after saying ur riding gear i know which one is you... ;-).

Oh and you need a set of Akrapovice slip-ons
WOW the motor cycle looks hot ;p

no seriously mashallah it looks so nice ..

and i like ur jacket as well (^_^) ..

now can i have a ride plz? *blink blink*
Anonymous said…
you better take me on a ride next time ;p
Grey said…
Awesome pics ..really awesome !
G.E&B said…
please please please stay safe!
Technogal said…
Amazing pics amu :)
you better drive safe!
Take care.
Charmbracelet said…
the mass of an atom is measured in amu
I was in chemistry today chan I remember u =p
Anonymous said… well I was prepared for both ways..if it rains I had other plans if it didn't then definitely didn't wanted to miss on the riding! I will look at the modifications later...btw yesterday someone asked me if I wanted to sell my bike and was ready to pay me a good amount :D

P.ANONYMOUS: No rides for u ;p and thanks for liking it!

Futhaweee: LOL how about I start charging u guys money for a ride ;p

Grey: thanks mate :)

G.E&B: enshallah :)

Technogal: thanks and i will drive safe!

Charmbracelet: LOL do you know as a subject I always hated chemistry :D
S E 7 E N said…
dude am sure you've seen all the hayabusas on ebay :)

stock is nice but .... with ppl here go crazy with this bike ....

btw reeeeeeally nice color :)
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
woooooow is it for free for a ride? please pleaaaaaaaase (a)
Anonymous said…
Paying u money for a ride? :|
il 6uma3 shain ya amu ;p

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