All thats in my head

* This winter is depressing...I hate to see its dark outside by 5pm.

* I need to do some winter shopping.

* Rain brings sad memories - can we get winter without rain just for this year?

* Me arguing with mom is just not working. Why cant she understand that I am not ready for marriage?

* I can't wait for the weekend I am really looking forward to riding this weekend. (Sorry I know I haven't posted pics till now but really I didn't get time)

* I really feel that I am a bad, stubborn and a weird kind of moody person. Do you feel that or is it just me?

* Business is good el7emdella and there is nothing better than being self employed.

* I was never into this US election thing but quite surprised to see how closely people in Kuwait have been watching it? Blogs, newspapers are full of same news! I feel sad for his grandmother passing away.

* There are 8 blogs that I seriously feel I am addicted too 248am, Big Pearls, Zdistrict, Ansam, Grey, Intlxpatr, Some Contrast, Technogal. I really feel that you guys really write and post some great stuff.

* And finally I feel my blog is getting boring so I will be changing the theme of my posts. I will try to post more pictures or like a picture a day :)

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Grey said…
Aww ! ! .. To be honest i have never missed a blog post from you ..

And winter makes me crazy ... Sardhi mein gaand dhona bada mushkil kam hai!
shoosha said…
hey a7eb il mo6ar! i want mo6ar everyday!
Anonymous said…
grey: LOOOOOOOOL mate you cracked me :D

shoosha: maby I am tired of rain, had enough in london ;p

Anon: well good so I wont be expecting you to visit me again, ha? ;p
Anonymous said…
well winter is depressing indeed , i hate it as well when it gets dark to quickly : /
S E 7 E N said…
mate you need to find a job outside the country for a year or saw ... you need to stay away from your parents ... you have to be alone

1) because il rootain bil kuwait yithba7 ... bait, work, diwaniya, shaleeh, bait .....

2) to stay away from the nagging of mothers with marriage ... kil ma shafow or sim3ow iflan kha6ab or malach yooooow eaktha laish matizawag or ligaitlik wa7da ana abeeeha ....... MOOOOOOM INTY TABEENHA GO MARRY HER UR SELF ANA SHAKOO

3) rain in kuwait is boring and sad ... but in london ya zeeeeen mo6ar london
Anonymous said…
*ooh i wana go winter shooobbing..take me with you!! =D

*easy...just tell her youre gay

*bad=no, stubborn=yes, weird=ha ha,bil kul..and moody=HELL yeaah baby

*good to hear dude, hopefully business gets even better and better

*thanks for mentioning my name! psht...whoever is not on the list..lets all boycott amuu!!! WHOS WITH ME?

*no forget the pics..we want juicy gossip!! =D

*ana shwayyaa hyper right? JUS A LIL BIT..lil teeny tinyy bit! =P
3anooda said…
* I really feel that I am a bad, stubborn and a weird kind of moody person. Do you feel that or is it just me?

Yes but its not a bad thing - its just a characteristic

* There are 8 blogs that I seriously feel I am addicted too 248am, Big Pearls, Zdistrict, Ansam, Grey, Intlxpatr, Some Contrast, Technogal. I really feel that you guys really write and post some great stuff.

*Winter shopping, love it, but wish I had the time to do it.

*Why do people link rain to their sad memories? I find it very refreshing. I love that scent that comes out after a rainy day.

*We have the same thing here with my elder brother. Seems like a national problem.

*Not usually, but you've seemed down for a while now.

*El7amdellah, that is more than most people can say.

*It is historical this time.
Fankooshy said…
هههههههههه يا جميل
i love love love winter! =(

and i was surprised with the elections too...i keep thinking wats the big deal anyway =S
Fa6ma said…
I hate rain in general.
And you could just smile to your mom and not say a word! If you say no she'll just get upset, leave it hanging and say in sha'a Allah =D
Navy Girl said…
are you kidding ??? a7la shy this weather its amazing ! love it when there is noooo sun oo raining all day long !! huh so romantic .. bs nag9ny ricky martin lol :D
Anonymous said…
loool @ navy girl, wintay i9aja yabeela George Clooney :p

but i need little sun with rain or else i'll get depressed : / i hate it when it goes dark the whole day !
Anonymous said…
I'm a silent reader of ur blog o i assure you it's not getting boring, i love it =)
Missy said…
I love winter! can't call 'this' winter bas I'm loving the weather! :P
A Journal Entry said…
i love winter!

oo yaaay it's the weekend now!
enjoy ur ride! =)
Ansam said…
In your head...
In your head

MeeMzZ said…
HEEEEY!! UR BLOG IS NOT BORING!! but amu you need to cheer up i don't like you when your sad when your sad you remeind me of barney the GAY dinooo!!;p plz stop with the sadiness take a break eat a kitkat chunky or do anything else just don't be sad!!ur making little meemz angry!! how is edge doin'?!
Mar8adoosh said…
alllaaaah winter shopping ;p i'll take u ;p and about the presidency thing.. ilkil mshta6 ! laish madre ?! I didn't even know who was president ila gabil a few hours ;p
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
great i though im the only one who's feeling so depressed during winter and with too dark :( i hate raining either:( yea kinda moody but who cares cause im moody too wait sheno burjek:P?
Smarties said…
winter for me kela ka2aba madrii laish.. yet i like winter!

oo al mu6ar 7lw, la et5aleeh merti6eb m3ak eb thekra ma tabi tet'thakrha!!

oo sorry 3al 3'aiba el 6weela, oo yes i'm looking forward to the picture of the day :D!!!
J O U J A™ said…
are you kidding you think this winter is depressing !!
and no rain ? well rain is the best part of winter
i wish it rains all the time ;p
and yes i think that your bad person ,, well the worst ever ;p *j/k* hehe ;p
Anonymous said…
already depressed? It has only just begun. smile :)

Although I hate freezing... I love winter clothes shopping.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your very kind mention, Amu. I saw one thing I want to hear more about - your work. I know how hard you have worked to save and to be independent. It must be so much responsibility managing your own business - that is not boring! That is very risky, exciting stuff.
Anonymous said…
S E 7 E N: I have worked outside :) its still the same :)

desertpalms: when are we going then? ;p

3anooda: I dont need to mention you cuz u are always on my mind :D

Sham3at Al Jillas: I guess rain has alot of memories as people tend to spend their best times when it rains leaving colorful memories :)

Fankooshy: thanks :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: good good good u love it :D

Fa6ma: I will leave it hanging :G

Navy Girl: No i am serious :D

Missy: lol so true we cant call this winter :D

A Journal Entry: I did...

Ansam: lol you really cracked me on the zombie :D

MeeMzZ: I will cheer up lil sis :D

Mar8adoosh: hehe atleast u know it now ;p

♥ P-Ella ♥: aww I hope ur feeling better now?

Smarties: welcome back buddy :) you have been missed!

J O U J A™ : tell me something new ;p

Batoul A.: i guess girls love shopping in general :D

intlxpatr: You are welcome :) Its coming soon...
Anonymous said…
3anooda said…
LOOOOOOOOOOL nice comeback but its not working

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