I woke up all of a sudden at 4AM after a nightmare and started surfing the net. I checked my e-mail, visited a few blogs and will be getting ready to go to work in the next hour.

All of a sudden a few mins back I could hear the salat elfajer prayers. Its been a long time since I last prayed this prayer on time. I will be heading to pray and you all have a good day.....

Do you guys pray on time? I dont!!! I do feel guilty but its sad that I dont work on it.

P.S: Please excuse any errors in typing as I cant see or read what I am typing in the post till I publish,hehe
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ta8abal allah mink : )

i believe that feeling guilty is the 1st step : )

praying on time gives u the best feeling ever and 9adgnee omorik kilha ra7 tityasar bithn allah : D

have a good day as well ..
oh and allah y3eenk inshallah : D
3afya 3alaik =]
3asaha hal habit ettem weyak dooooom :D
Anonymous said…
Its SO difficult to pray on time when no one observes your religion lol. So when am out of the house, i really try but sometimes its hard.

Right now am working on the whole khoshoo3 during prayer as the shaytan is always putting thoughts into my mind while praying lool..

In anyway, you are SO lucky to be hearing the call for prayer :( miss it.

inshAllah yt2abal amu :)
S E 7 E N said…
i try my best to keep it on time but with work and timing no much :(

p.s check this out has nothing to do with you post but your gona like it

izzy™ said…
well..first of all *CHEEZE*! :p
i honestly dont pray on time 70% of the time and im horribly horrible ashamed of it bec i wasnt always this way..recently however i've been trying to work on it..im still not there but i have faith in God that he will give me the strength and guide me through the right path..cuz doing the right thing feels kinda awesome..and just to relate to what u said, that happened to me a coupla weeks ago (like once :( ) and it really felt gr8..actually, its bec i got new batteries for my "athan" clock..it woke me up..it was a gr8 gr8 feeling waking up to the sound of that..i really recommend anyone trying to work on his prayers to get one of those..i find it reminds me ino agoom a9ali and fills me with a sense of serenity every time i hear it..so i dunno..maybe if u want to u could try it.. i honestly bought min al 6ayara 7ag al 56oo6 al s3oodiya (:P) but im sure they're everywhere right now..
newayz.. have a good day at work & ta8abal allah :D

im about to head out to the hospital myself..ciao!!
Taqal allah... Enshallah it becomes a habit.

I used to always pray it on time, but lately I've been having trouble with my alarm clock, so let's say 80% on time. Yet I've noticed that when you pray alwitir before you go to bed, it becomes easier to wake up for alfajer.
Notorious said…
Ta8bal allah…Praying el fajer on time is the hardest,, I pray if someone woke me up but I cant depend on myself to wake up!!
ta8abal allah :)
i usually pray fajer on time since im usually up hal 7azza...i have a problem with thuhr though cz im usually busy =S
s is for said…
alhumdulillah, i've got all 5 on me...that too on time...
may allah help you keep up!
MeeMzZ said…
taqabal allah...yah i think you should work on it!!;p
Mashallah! You have changed haven't you? Not the same 3mu I once knew :)

Ta8aballa ya 7elo. =)

Oh and you already know my answer :)

Ps. What's with these nightmares?! Loads of people seem to be having it and stuff- myself included :S
Ruby Woo said…
This is my fourth time in a row to wake up in the middle of the night choking from something. Not a good feeling to wake up to, scary!
Anonymous said…
Why don't you? It's pretty easy to do.. After you wake up for fayer for a while, you'll wake up without an alarm even!
Mar8adoosh said…
taqabal allah
sta'3firalla i dont pray on time.. t3arf ily sometimes i do sometimes i dont bs lately madre shfeeny w i know im wrong
Yara said…
Allaaah ya bakhtik :) I would love to get up shab3ana noom gabil athan el fayer, pray have breakfast o kilshay 3ala ra7ti mo bser3a bser3a khayfa akon late
Technogal said…
Tagabal Allah AMU

Unfortunately..I don't, specially for Morning prayer!!! I used to do my prayer in time"except morning".. but now and after joining the business school I am not praying in time at all!!
Ansam said…
I try my best to pray on time as much as I could :-) and most of the time I am good at it el7emdela

Taqabal alla 6a3tek
Anonymous said…
When I pray on time even on very busy days everything goes GREAT
nightmares play a huge part in my nights! o sa3ad yaglbon to bollywood movies
Anonymous said…
FourMe: Mina o minch :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: Mina o minch..

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: I will try to be regular..

Batoul A.: you sould move around us then :)

S E 7 E N: I am sure you can do that if you keep trying!

izzy™: No i usually wake up without alarms ;p

Sham3at Al Jillas : you are still better than me;p

Notorious:Well with me its different if I want to wake up I can..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: wow that good mashallah...

s is for: el7emdella..

MeeMzZ: I will!

Maya // : LOL NO I havent I am still the same devil you saw and met last time....I know this nightmare thing is scary ;/

Ruby Woo: thats a bad feeling!

anamethystworld: I will try to enshallah..

Mar8adoosh : enshallah you will be back on track soon..just dont give up!

Yara: I often do that bs its sad i dont wake up for prayers!

Technogal: hehe now thats where you are making an excuse ;p

Ansam: El7emdella..

Anonymous: I know its a gr8 feeling.

Oranjina fadidra: LOL @ bollywood movies!
sadia said…
i don't know why, but sometimes when i comment, my name appears as "s is for"!!!
Anonymous said…
Sadia: I guess that's the way you have your name in blogger! well either ways Welcome here :)

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