Employed, Self Employed Or Not Employed

This is something I have often noticed in Kuwait when I am having a conversation with someone or hearing two people talking and lets see how do you all answer it.

If you are not Employed and Self Employed would you say to others you are Not Employed and why?

Even if you have a small business that you have started recently why wouldn't you tell others that you are self employed?

Is it because people tend to avoid telling others till they have a well settled business?


Missy said…
off topic bas I can't wait till I retire :P
I think people just want to avoid getting the "evil eye" or well risk having someone starting a similar business when they're business is in the infancy stage and end up losing clients to 'em and stuff. Its just like when someone just starts a creative project or something- they don't want to let out details.
sadia said…
it could be that they are embarassed by the size of their "small" business.

or like you said, it could be that they want to make sure it's a success...to avoid looking like failures.

plus there's the 'evil-eye" thingy.

or..maybe they're too proud to admit that they NEED to work...lol!
Anonymous said…
Missy: LOL that's my sentence - copy cat ;p

Maya: The only thing that makes sense to me in this is evil eye :D

Sadia: Work is work....even if its working as a construction worker. I would be proud of what I do and if I know my work and have the confidence whats better than it! or like you said they are too proud to admit that they need to work ;p
Aurous said…
ymkn 3n el7asad :p

but people tend to hide this until their business is strong, ymkn 3n elfesheela w elshemata :D
looool @ Missy : p

well i guess it's either because of the evil eye (el 3ain wil 7asad) or that they just want to wait for their business to get a bit stronger and successful then mention it : )

or both together : p
Technogal said…
Yes I would tell them "That I am self employed"!
but I think some people don't say it not to be caught by envious!
MrMMM said…
Probably the most common reason is that they don't want other people to envy them ..
Nemo said…
1) make sure they success first
2) dont want ppl to steal their ideas
--or --
3) dont want ppl to ask them for favors (give me the "thing" for free)
4) dont want ppl to ask them about details .. why? how? when? 3awar ras
5) dont want ppl to envy them
Ruby Woo said…
I'd say:
I am unemployed at the moment but I'm working on my own business project. Sorry, I couldn't talk about it more until it's official.
MeeMzZ said…
i don't know what the hell your talking about.... i'm not employed so i guess this topic is not for mee!!;p hehehe
ZuZu said…
3adi agool mafeeha shay ,, bs i guess wayed nas ykhafoon men el3ain ;/
TOOTA said…
it's all about jealousy and the red eye or whatever you call it "il 3ayeen" nothing else!!

hey i'm toota!!;p
S E 7 E N said…
yaah your right ...

and some ppl don't say they own small business because rab3ina ma i9adgeen wa7ed fita7 shay yadeed ra7oow sawoo mithla

for example INTERIOR DESIGNING & BURGER RESTO .... ib thamitik chum wa7ed oo wa7da it3arif own that business ??
Anonymous said…
I would think people only want to share when they're sure of some percentage of success for lack of disappointment. Plus, everyone is so negative about being self-employed. They only praise it when they see good results and well, money!
Because my business would be small with limited resources, yet it has an innovative idea behind it. I would probably be afraid that someone with better resource can imitate it and be a stronger competitor. I would want to be settled on solid ground before speaking freely about it.

It is not that I wouldn't trust friends, but people talk!
off topic 3alla golat missy, bas do you know when I can instal 3arabik for BB?
thats an excellent question actually...

madree 9ara7a...

bs i think people hnee y5afoon mn el3ain oo el7asad oo halswalef too much =S
Anonymous said…
Aurous: I guess people here tend to hide alot :D

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. : or maybe its everything :D

Technogal: I would too be proud to tell them that I am self employed!

MrMMM: maybe :) and welcome here!

Nemo: are we too nosy here that we want to know everything about people? ;p

Ruby Woo: that would be a good move too!

MeeMzZ: LOL you are too young to think about it :D

ZuZu: Yeah I guess...welcome here :)

TOOTA: mmm yeah that is one big issue among people here which is sad!

Hey Toota ... me is Amu ;p welcome here :)

S E 7 E N : not too many of them come and say that the business they own is a restaurant they are just too embarrased about it!

Batoul A.: I agree with u 100%. People just want to see the positive results!

Sham3at Al Jillas: People talk about everything :D

Oranjina fadidra: What is BB?

Ansam: In short...why do people often hesitate to tell others that they are self employed?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ:well its sad but thats the fact here!
Nemo said…
i guess ee :p
u can answer that mo enta self-employed? :p
Anonymous said…
Nemo: Yes I am but I guess we are part of the society :D
Amu, BB is an Abbreviation for the word BlackBerry (mobile phone) ;)

and @ Oranjina fadidra, i know where ;)

go tho this link drzahwa.com

and buy the Arabic font, u'll get an email asking u what model u've got, answer back and then u'll receive other email with instructions and the link to download ur font from .. hope that helped :D

P.s: i used it myself so it's safe ;)
Ansam said…
3ad i know a lot of people who say it proudly! mafiha shay!
G.E&B said…
i freelance. i answer with both depending on the person asking. some people can't handle "non-traditional jobs" they freak out, ask too many questions, put your choices down. so yeah.

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