Ride to SAV3 Event

Kuwait BMW motorcycles club and Dar Al Shifa Hospital organized a Ride to Sav3 blood donating event for all bikers from around Kuwait last Saturday. Bikers drove from Green Island to Dar Al Shifa hospital in Hawally. The event was something different than the usual ones. There were around 150 bikers with police escorting them till they reached the hospital. The event was really one of its kind and as it was for a good cause there were good number of bikers present there. I met Marzouq and his group and a few other bikers who I haven't met in some time. It was really worth participating. Even though I kinda got scared after reaching the hospital and didn't donate blood I was glad that I was with the group while riding to the hospital.

And finally Bashar was there on his KTM too :D


Mar8adoosh said…
That was a really nice thing to do :) GO KUWAIT :D BASHAR <3
Anonymous said…
You chickened out on donating blood? oh, come onnnn! Its healthy for your system AND you're doing it for a good cause :D Whats your blood type?
Aurous said…
so many motorcycles :D
P.anonymous said…
Wow .. That is a very good event to praticipaste in : D

i would have donated though ; )

and just looking at all these bikes makes me drool ; p

btw didn't know that bashar was a biker as well ! What is his bike model?
P.anonymous said…
Oh and glad that u enjoyed ur ride ; D
Eva said…
OMG i'm dying to donate blood, like literally eagerly waiting until i'm 18 so i can donate blood! =( you should've donated somee!
S E 7 E N said…
ee 7irnee 7irnee izayda

kil il 3alam 6al3a ib siyakilha oo il jaw qawii bil deera oo ana ga3id ihnii ... by the time i get there il jaw barad oo can't even stand outside
Anonymous said…
Mar8adoosh: I dont like Bashar ;p

Batoul A.: I have donated blood before but just seeing there 150 bikers kinda got me in that mood!

Aurous : Oh!! I thought u just liked mine ;p

P.anonymous: Bashar has got a KTM..I don't know the model exactly!

Eva: I have donated before a few times but this time I just freaked out :D

S E 7 E N: LOOOOOL you cracked me mate....I will wait for you and make sure that when you are here on Christmas the weather is not that cold and ya a promise we will go out riding together :D
marshmallows said…
allla wnasaaaa

7dhom ywnsoon

fe bnat m3akom !!
Anonymous said…
Marshmallows: it was fun! well there are a few girls who ride too!
Squirreliya said…
great idea wallaah, w el motorcycles 7adhum yshawgoon :p

Anonymous said…
Squirreliya: It was a great event!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Droools - ok...but y crying? ;p
sis4you said…
For all those who r wondering why Amu didn't donate blood and criticizing him...believe me..he is extremely sensitive to bloods and hospitals..!
I am not a bit surprised it made him sick...that's the way this bro is..:)
MeeMzZ said…


silent injoying the pics!!;p

these bikes are AMAZING!!;P

ohh shoot i have to goo i'll tell you later!!;p
FourMe said…
see I was really enjoying this post till you went and mentioned bashar! Like ewwwwwwww *pukes*
Ansam said…
Anonymous said…
sis4you: LOL thanks for explaining them!

MeeMzZ : huh come back and ask ;p

FourMe: I never liked him either ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Awww u can come to the next one :D

Ansam: NO!!! a5aff min mmmmmm ;p
Missy said…
which one is Edge? :p
thank u sis4you ; ) oh now that's the reason for not donating then : )

well my uncle is even worse : p

he went once to the blood bank and when he was done with all the procedures and it was time to donate, he just saw the needle that they will inject him with and got so scared that he told them he don't want to donate anymore ..!

and i still remember his word abt the needle , he said 7asha ibrat e79an mo awadim : p

mind u my uncle is 53 or something .. : D

P.s: it doesn't matter how old u r, nor what ur gender is.. every one has his own fears and sensitivity towards something : )
Grey said…
Didn't donate blood? lol ! should have called me , i am kinda king in donating blood .
Anonymous said…
Allaah shakla kan wanasa.. 3ala 6ary il blood donating one of my professors in KU told us if we wanna get extra creadit we have to donate blood ;r
i have never donated blood. gee. i have a phobia of all things hospital-y. my sister had polio that is why we moved to america and i saw so many deformities when i would visit. i developed a fear and i don't like needles. yes, i had two babies and some of that went away but still....

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