More On EDGE

As the riding experience has been amazing so far and the weather has been great. I have added a few more things on EDGE and bought two new items to add to my gear.

I am really thinking on changing the exhaust system but that will be the next stage. Honestly if there is something I am really enjoying these days its riding. I have been around some good bikers and every weekend is a new experience. The more I ride the more I learn.

I have added a black tinted visor to my helmet and a tank protector. I bought new pair of protective Dainese boots and gloves for riding from Tristar.


Ruby Woo said…
I now know what you'll be wearing and what bike you're driving so if you see a girl driving and waving, know that it's me ;p
Anonymous said…
Ruby Woo: mmm what if I return back the waving thinking its u and its not you :p
oh congratulations :D

i really liked the boots/shoes and the gloves ^_^

have fun and enjoy ur ride but plz be safe and take care ; )
the boots are really cool ;)

happy riding!
Jewaira said…
Safe driving.
Ansam said…
LOL @Ruby Woo
3alaik bel3afia the new purchases
Technogal said…
3leeek bel3afia :)
Enjoy and take care.
sadia said…
one word : cool
2 more words : be careful!
FourMe said…
love the helmet!
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: thanks :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Allah yebarek feech :)

Jewaira: thanks :) do u know I was scrolling through your blog for new post when you left a comment here :D

Ansam: Y3afich...

Technogal: thanks :)

sadia: thanks but I want more words ;p

FourMe: thanks :) you gotta see it in real it looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
goodman amu.. protection comes first :P

yallah enshallah the weather stays nice for longer time so u can have more fun :D
A Journal Entry said…
is it any good riding in humidity?!
Anonymous said…
I love the head gear;p
libero anima said…
liked your "accessories"..

hope u have fun RIDIN !!
S E 7 E N said…
you should of waited mate i was gona hook you up with SIDI

and if your looking for an exhaust system
Ruby Woo said…
you'll know.. trust me you'll know

even if it's not me, it's rude not to wave back to others! It's a win-win situation ;)
TOOTA said…
i am in love WITH YOUR head gear!! mine is plain black!!;p

yaa i wanna change the exhaust system but i gotta wait cause i just cleared a few scraches off!!

yeaaah!! isn't it amazing driving on the fast lane!! i don't know about you but when ever i feel i'm full with pressure and stress from work and all i take it all out by riding!!
Missy said…
you should wear a cape b3d 3shan t9eer batman! :D
sadia said…
want more words?
you know where i'm at!
shoosha said…
hatha saikelik? 3ashan lama ashoofik ad3emik (6)
Balqees said…

u sexy bkier u ;)

have fun with all ur newstuff
and stay safe :D
MeeMzZ said…
ohhhhhhh my edge it looks shiner and healthy now!!;p oh ya i just remembered that you polished it!!

btw way ur helemt rocks!!
Anonymous said…
nice boots, didn't know they had them, but how comfy r they?
Anonymous said…
oohhhh, you are SO into this lol.. mabrouks!
MeeMzZ said…
can i still ask my question!!
Anonymous said…
ZaMaHReeR: yes safety first :D

A Journal Entry: well you dont feel its humid while riding!

purelyorchid: thanks :)

libero anima: thanks :)

S E 7 E N: They look beautiful...but after riding for few days I realised that anything that is red or white color gets dirty within a day and its really hard to get it back to its shine esp. the gloves and shoes. I am using red fox gloves which I bought with the bike but they are now black. So I finally decided that the next ones should be full black though my jacked has black white and red color on it which suits!

btw the exhaust is amazing. I might keep into consideration :)

Ruby Woo: LOL ok I will keep waving ;p

TOOTA: thanks for liking it...well thats what I do when I have too much on my head which is nearly everyday I take my bike and hit the road on the fast lane :)

Missy: LOL

sadia: eee come up with more :D plzzz

shoosha: 7aram 3alech why you want to kill me;p

Balqees: Enshallah I will...

MeeMzZ: thanks for the helmet and you should say awwww Amu's Edge not yours ;p thanks..well I havent had bike boots before so I really dont know how to compare them in terms of comfort but they fell ok. I will know more once I wear and ride. ya and they do have BMW and Dainese boots.

Batoul A.: thanks yes we bikers are so into them :D

MeeMzZ: NOOOOOOO :@@@@

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