Dear Salary

Please come back to STAY with me.
You left in such a rush last month,
I didn't even have time to tell you about my plans.

I'm sorry about whatever it is I did.
I promise I'll be good.
Luv you

That brings a question to my mind. If you are working, are you broke by the end of the month? Are you in a situation where you can't wait to have your salary in your account?

P.S got this as a fwd in my email and though of sharing.


Anonymous said…
I am first :D let me answer my own question first. Well yes I have been broke a few times but el7emdella since I started planning things and saving up it doesn't happen any more!
Awwww .. the dog looks cute X D

hmmmm .. i'm not employed yet so i guess i wont need to answer that : p
Technogal said…
I used to plan things and save my money "I was a good saver". but this year,specially this period during the last three month I save nothing!! and I am totally broke! What comes goes right the way! I have to re plan the whole thing! and start my own business ;)
Anonymous said…
P.Anon: wana adopt one? ;p

Technogal: I guess its time you right down a new year resolution :)
ZuZu said…
my wishlist never ends fa im alwayd broke ;/
i already had two and no any other dog can replace them : (
Anonymous said…
I'm always broke.I need extra $$$$ to survive!Love the Lambo in your profile pic.Thanks for drop by at the other side =)
sadia said…
well...when i got my first salary, i spent it all on the first day...and yeah, it wasn't too much!
but alhumdulillah, when i'm working (i'm taking a break at the moment) i do budget. if i want something, i wait for a couple of months before i splurge...but ocassionally, i go off my budget and have to dig into my savings (again, not too much...and disapperaing quickly)
TOOTA said…
LOOOL...that happens to me!! i'm always broke!! HAHA i'm actually trying to save money now but it ain't working!!
my salary never listens to me either =S

ta5ayal i started dawam on october 5th oo lail7een no ma3ash + there was no ma3ash in summer

so technically im not BROKEN!!

ed3eely yanzel elma3ash soon!
MeeMzZ said…
I LOVE THE PIC!!;P it's funky!!;p
Anonymous said…
el7imdilah i have never been broke b4 :)
ana il mafro'9 ymaskoni mezanyat il ajial il qadma 3ashan a'9abi6kom :P
S E 7 E N said…
welllll il 7emdelah for the past year i haven't ... but before it ohhhhh like every other month ... oo lay9eer shaher feeh SERVICE SAYARA we3 we3 we3 hatha 3ad la bs rock bottom ...
Anonymous said…
i save and save and save oo fajaa' i6eer kilshay ib less than a month!!!
Aurous said…
Thank god for my parents :p

and lol at the ugly puppy :D
I don't have a salary but I do have an allowance (ya3ni I don't work.. I study!) and I'm broke like two weeks after getting some cashywashy :(
Oh and enshallah doom to all of you who don't get broke and all that :)
Mar8adoosh said…
ahh 3al ma3aash ;p i swear by the end of the 1st week most of it yroo7 ;p lazim i learn laaaazimmmm cuz my dad might kill me ;p
Ansam said…
Always have "Plan B" (and "Plan C" :-P)and you will be fine
Vixen said…
heheheh im glad its not you i felt really bad ;/ im on a no ma3ash situtation so i wouldnt no lol : p
Seattle dude said…
LOL, Amu .... for obvious reasons I can TOTALLY sympathize with the cause haha
Yara said…
When i entered high school i started getting a monthly allowance, i dont spend much so i always have something at the end of the month that i transfer to an "emergency" account i have.. after getting married and kids i still get an allowance (from husband this time), but some months i need to tap into my emergency account.. enshallah when i get employed i'll do the same
Anonymous said…
ZuZu: aww u should start saving then :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: thats cute and I hate animals as pets ;p

Zara: thanks for liking it :)

sadia: Sounds like you need some lessons to save some cash ;p

Nemo: hehe

TOOTA: Good Luck...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: You need to have a plan to have your savings work!

MeeMzZ: thanks :)

ZaMaHReeR: I think we guys are doing pretty good :)

S E 7 E N : great mate...keep it up!

Anonymous: it used to happen to me!

Aurous: well lucky you!

Maya // مايا: you are still doing good...

Mar8adoosh: well you cant do that for long so set a plan!

Ansam: well you are well organised business women :D *Mashallah*

Vixen: el7emdella its not me :D

Seattle dude: LOOOOL

Yara: Good luck...
Missy said…
im always broke and 6er for money from dad :P dads are personal ATMs by nature! lol

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