Meet the Rider

I know I have lately been posting a lot of pictures of EDGE. Well this is the only obsession I have these days. So I am enjoying it till the weather lasts.

I can't wait to leave my work to ride on EDGE ;p


Can you actually type with those bulky gloves?

I am questioning your credibility!
Nemo said…

i still remember the days when my dad had one (was so much fun!), my mom forced him to sell it!!
Aurous said…
lol... someone's in love :p
plastic said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: thanks :)

Sham3at Al Jillas: Where there is a will there is a way! everything is possible ;p

Nemo: thanks :) thats why I am enjoying it all before I get married ;p

Aurous: big time....

plastic: whats funny?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: WHY? u want one? ;p
Anonymous said…
U need a clear Visor for the office, i don't think u can work with that dark one
sadia said…
this time 2 words : ultra cool!!
Anonymous said… My screen is too bright this can work as a eye protector ;p

sadia: LOL but we are still stuck on one and two words...lets move on to 3, 4 and 5...thanks :)
TOOTA said…
you two look awesome together you got one great bike!!...MASHALLAH!!

keep it clean!! safe!!
Anonymous said…
i would kill to drive one.. bs il insurance is a pain in the €£$ :P
ma ya36ooon insurance malat 3alihom.. cant have one without insurance... who do i have to kill to have one?!!
Missy said…
etha kef5tak 3ala rasik bt7is? ;p
WOW .. u two are like made for each other ;) (mashallah)

have fun, ride safe ..

And Enjoy riding it while u can : D
A Journal Entry said…
allah e5aleekum 7ag ba3ath!
Anonymous said…
were u the guy that was staring and smiling men '3air sebab? @@
zwena said…
dash al dawaam bel khotha ? @@ :P
SHOMA M. said…
Cheese :)
Balqees said…
Loving ur bike
Fj2ah I want one ;p
Anyhoo stay safe. And t.c
Balqees said…
Cheers mate :p
I'm starting to say it a lot LOOL
Anonymous said…
TOOTA: thanks...its always clean I even dont let anyone wash it :D

ZaMaHReeR: When I was in London I wanted to get one so badly but everyone kept saying NOOO..

S E 7 E N: thanks :)

Missy: NO ;p

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: We were made in heaven ;p

A Journal Entry: LOOOOL thanks :D

Anonymous: NO definetly not me..cuz I dont even care to look at anyone while riding I am too busy enjoying the ride...

zwena: hehe yes ;p

SHOMA M.: thanks :)

ZuZu: thanks :)

Balqees: you can have mine ;p
Anonymous said…
Gosh i love your bike! Mind taking me for a ride =P? Lolz jk!
Anonymous said…
Terminator lool,
lookin great!

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