Work Vs Future Home

My Work - Always messy ;p

Nothing beats these two pics
Thanks to NuNu

The reason to have these 3 pics up here is to show that someday when I get tired and retire from my work I am definitely getting one of these houses and spending the rest of my life there.

Ops!! forgot to add that will get a Harley too ;)


Grey said…
lol ! i wish you luck ... planning retirement already aye?
I wish I had a house like that. I would probably be there right now.

You can't have a Harley in a place like that! It would destroy the charm and tranquility of the country.
Technogal said…
Don't u think it is too early for retirement!? well yes the house looks amazing and the pictures more than comforting but not now amu! You can do it while you still working! buy a house in one of those countries and spend your holidays there for relaxation :)
Anonymous said…
Grey: Not yet but planning 30 years ahead so I can save up some cash and buy the house now :D

Sham3at: I need a ride to move around or how about I get a horse? ;p

Technogal: I know its too early but looking at the pics just got me to think that how about save some cash to buy a house somewhere there ;p
desertpalms said…
is that my pik in a frame on ur desk? =P


ok seriously nw..these houses are bland ow boring!! and the residents in these areas are stupid racist and ANNOYING! and the weather is always wet..mako sunshine whatsoever...ow ow ow bas khalas..have i spoilt ur plans now? =P

oh and the harley..they will all get together and ban you from using it as the noise levels are being raised too much, youre disrupting the wildlife and the peace of the village =D

trust me..its overrated..

city life a7la =D
Charmbracelet said…
ee wallaa, nothin beats those pics !
they look so peacfull!
S E 7 E N said…
get a house in the Swiss mountains .... u'll love mate :)
nunu said…
glad u liked the pics!
Missy said…
I FEAR insects.. I have insects phobia! That's why I hate greenery!
Anonymous said…
I had a similar dream - even knew the location - and then I learned how much bureaucracy and paperwork there is. Do you know that you are restricted in renovations to houses of historic interest? The costs of labor is skyrocketing, and the materials. Just to have a decent working bathroom and kitchen would cost about as much as building a house in Kuwait. It can be done, but you have to love it so much that you are willing to put up with all the annoyances. And desertpalms is right - there are noise restrictions between 10 PM and 7 am, and that means no noise!
Anonymous said…
eeehhh while u r at it, cud u get me one as well ;p ;p

i'll take the last one on the left...thanks, yr gesture is highly appreciated :D
plastic said…
Whats inside that Jashanmal bag ?

(I'm not angry at you anymore .Why? Because i have forgotten why i was angry at you)
Nice Office! Widdy at3abath feeeh wal3ab wat6amash.. :P
Nemo said…
i need to know wain el houses!!

+ we all have messy desks ... :)
Anonymous said…
desertpalms: I will do all that I want ;p

Charmbracelet: thanks :)

S E 7 E N: so now I know where are you ;p

nunu: arent you glad I mentioned ur name :D

Missy: No doubt ur in desert :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Not a BMW person ;p

intlxpatr: Wow I seriously need to rethink again ;)

Darya: sure... ;p

plastic: A wooden hand made tray...

well I can remind you why you were angry ;p WB

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: hehe all this, its not a playing ground :D

Nemo: mmm Scotland, Switzerland, Italy.
Coconut said…
alaaaah those houses look so dreamy!
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
I love the houses and the place too but I dislike your messy office:P

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