Breakfast and Ride to Mutla

There was a group ride organized today by TriStar. I had my plans set and I woke up at 5:30am and was out by 7am. I headed straight to my usual bike wash place. Got Edge all shiny and good for todays ride and headed towards Marina Crescent for the meeting the guys. As I arrived there early I decided to have breakfast at Jhonny Rockets and I have to say that I havent had this tasty breakfast in the last few months. It was just YUMMY!

Soon I met with the other riders and head to Mutla for a group ride. I went a bit too crazy today and finally hit the 300km/hr speed on Edge. Thats the maximum speed on Edge so I guess I hit the finall target today. We were 8 bikers and 4 of them were cruising normally the rest 4 which included me went out of the way and we were racing on the empty road. It was fun riding with the group. I have to say that when I finally arrived home I just feel I just went a bit too hyper while riding today. I have to hold my self and be careful for my next ride!


Anonymous said…
7alamt u took me for a ride in ur bike :\ bs makanat nafs hathe :P o el ride kaant maleeqa :\ i ask u to do crazy stuff bs u dont .. o 7anna huuf ma tesma3 el kalam :P
Anonymous said…
Anon: hehe awal shy I never take anyone for rides regardless of girls or guys and if I do take someone some day she will be special ;p o second thing I love you dream...its sounds kinda real :D
Notorious said…
MAshalla someone had fun 2day :P
Aurous said…
riders seem to be a very active group :p

& bel3afya :D
Glad to hear u had fun mashallah = D

and it is also good to know that u felt by ur own self that u "went a bit too hyper" and that u "have to hold ur self and be careful for ur next ride" <<---- SO TRUE !!

take care and ride safe ; )
sadia said…
mashallah!..i don't know much about bikes, but edge looks stunning...and so does your breakfast!
glad you had fun.
and yeah, being careful sounds like a good idea!
libero anima said…
i loved the pictures !! especially the one with the soap all over the bike !! i feel like wanting to jump in and splash around =p

and it's great that u had fun .. but be careful about the speed !! ><
A Journal Entry said…
shawagtny i want a johnny rockets breakfast!
Karamilah said…
seems like u had fun :)
Mar8adoosh said…
Bil3afya :)
wanaasa :) bs 300 yal mujrim !!!?!?!?!?!?!?! allah y7afthik inshala w DEER BAALIK ! in ma fatant 7ag ur mum ;p
TOOTA said…
il7imdallah 3allah islama ;/ be carefull next time 300 is too fast!!
Anonymous said…
dude, chillllaax!
Allah y7meek.
Its awesome, the whole need for speed. But you know.. 300 is easy to lose control. Bless!
A7la shay breakfast at Marina Crescent this time of the year!
S E 7 E N said…
yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy nice food

bil 3afiya mate
wat does driving at 300km/h feel like?
3anooda said…
so2al - it doesnt spoil when it gets soaped up that way??

na7na 3indna a place called D'Arcy's Kitchen - Omani local version of Johnny. i had their breakfast today. my omellete looked exactly like urs
Anonymous said…

it looooks like so much fun to jump around and play in it hehehe

bil 3afya and keep safe on the roads!

p.s that sky blue bmw bike looks hooott =$
Balqees said…
ur proud of riding fast @@


ana wesh agoolk @@

ur in so much trouble @@
Balqees said…
the food looked so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

i'm hunrgy :S
q8Honey said…
I loved the helmet ;p
Anonymous said…
The fun start after 300km, 330km to be exact
Technogal said…
N3eeeeman EDGE :) and bel3afia AMU.. and yeah breakfast my favorite meal!
Just be careful when you drive please.

Love the 50 things about you list- I'm happy you finally joined the club!

Mwahs xx
Anonymous said…
back to biking??? take care buddy
Anonymous said…
Notorious: yes it was a great weekend :)

Aurous: It is...Allah ye3afich :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: sure I will..

sadia: thanks :)

libero anima: you wouldnt want to jump in the soap in the washing bay ;p

A Journal Entry: hehe sure you can join us with your hubby some day :)

Karamilah: Well it was!

Mar8adoosh: Ana Mujrim, ha? ;p

TOOTA: Enshallah I will :)

Batoul A.: well you just have to be safe!

Sham3at Al Jillas: the weather and the breakfast was amazing!

S E 7 E N: Y3afich..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: It feel scary and beautiful!

3anooda: No it doesnt spoil..

desertpalms: hehe cuz I am not crazy like you to jump in the form :D

Balqees: I am scared now ;p

Seattle dude: thanks :)

q8Honey: thanks :) is it? I was having issues with my lenses :D

Technogal: Allah ye3afich..

Maya // مايا : thanks :)

mazeofthoughts: Yup I am backk...thanks :)

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