Edge Incident

I reached home last night at 9PM to find out that EDGE was fully covered in thick layers of white cement. My building has been having some construction work on the roof and the labors working didn’t care of what was down and the result was what I wrote up.

I really didn’t know what to do at that time. I was kind of in a state of shock. I threw my wallet there, picked up the water hose and sprayed it on all over EDGE. The reason was the labors were working since 6AM in the morning and after 12 – 15 hours the cement was in a solid shape. I didn’t want to scratch the bike so I wanted it to get a bit soft so I could pick it up.

Once I sprayed enough water on the bike I slowly then started to pick up the stone shaped cement pieces that were on the bike. It took me nearly two hours to clean it but as it was dark I couldn’t see what the effect was.

In the morning I woke up with the sunrise at 6AM and left home at 7AM to take the bike to a service station to get it washed. I could see a lot of white and black marks on the bike. I really thought this would be the last day me riding it and I would probably sell it after the wash. I took it to the service station I usually go to and asked the guy to clean it with the best way he could ever do. The guy washed it a few times and then finally I could see the shine again. I was really relaxed. I still need to get it polished as I can see few scratches on the tank and covers.


FourMe said…
Salmat Edge matshof shar :p
Anonymous said…
FourMe: thanks :D Allah yesalmch..you know how it feels when you love someone so much and ur heart just stops seeing them sick ;pPp
man i got a scratch on my car and i was devastated for weeks!
allah e3eenk with all the cement =S

7amdella 3la salamt(h)a! ;)
S E 7 E N said…
laaaaaaaaaaaaa sij ... thats baaaad ... dude take it to maghsalat il fala7 let them polish it for you they do an amazing jop :) try it if you haven't yet
Aurous said…
the important thing is that EDGE is good now :)
MeeMzZ said…


what the hell better polish my edge before any thing happens too it!!;p tell edge slamt for me oky!!;p i miss my edge post a pic of him after you polish it!! and make sure it's polish OKY!! hehehe

btw i still can't remember the question i wanted to ask you!!;p hehehe
A Journal Entry said…
oh i can imagine how u felt =(
il 7imdillah ena edge is as good as new now!
So sorry to hear that : /

and salamta o ma yshoof shar EDGE :p

inshallah it will get shinier and looks newer than what it was on : D

i totally feel u !
Glad everything is okay :)
Nemo said…
glad its fine
bs madri lesh a7s u'll sell it :s
Anonymous said…
ela edge! la ygarboon sooba, change its place!

Ansam said…
that really sucks!!!! Park it inside
Missy said…
Don't tell me mazfait eli kano ysht3'lon?
Technogal said…
Ohhh! il7imdillah that it shines again otherwise"I know how it feels :("!!!
Salamat to Edge :)
Fa6ma said…
El7amdilla 3la essalama =)
izzy™ said…
salamat EDGE..it took me like 5 minutes to realize that it was ur bike :D hence the bike near ur blog title :P hope it feels better..oops did i just call ur bike IT :S i meant..him..him :P well unless EDGE is a she :D cuz then she's be like..pretty awesome :D
Anonymous said…
heeeeeeeeee! how DARE they!
al7amdella 3al salameh EDGE lol
Anonymous said…
ĐǻñĎõøðñ: thats sad!

S E 7 E N: I think I will visit them soon!

Aurous: yes :D

MeeMzZ: pic coming soon..

A Journal Entry: yes el7emdella :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: thanks for being there..

Sham3at Al Jillas: yes...

Nemo: NO i wont sell it ;p

Anonymous: I will change the place soon!

Zabo0o6a: :)

Ansam: I will..

Missy: No I didnt say them anything..

Technogal: thanks :))

Fa6ma: Allah yesalmch

izzy™: hehe welcome to my blog!

Batoul A.: yes I would kill some one ;p

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