Beautiful Sunset

I was going through my album from last year's trip to Santa Ana, LA when I came across these beautiful pics that I took there last November.


Anonymous said…
why did you go back to your old job ?
Anonymous said…
Anony: thats not the topic of the post!

Ansam: thanks :)
Wow! Don't you love November?
Anonymous said…
Sham3at: No my is in July ;p but I love winter!
My bday is in July too. But to me, November through January are THE months of the year!
Anonymous said…
Sham3at:we are leo's - I guess we both love winter then :D
MeeMzZ said…
ALLLLAH LA seems like a beautiful place!!;p
Anonymous said…
WOW .. They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

mashallah what a beautiful captured seen , u have hidden talents : D
S E 7 E N said…
i've been waking up every day 3ala hel manthar ..... la3aaaaaaaaat chabdi ... abe agoom oo ashoof ighbar abe jaw il deera
Anonymous said…
Oh! Gorgeous! Amu, you need to post your photos more often! How about some photos of your most recent trip? :-)
Anonymous said…
Memmz: thanks :)

Anony: thanks :)

Se7en: ay shy we are tired of dusty weather ;p

Intlxpatr: Well!! honestly I was sick this time for 5 days and didnt take any pics :s
marshmallows said…

chna jawna ams =)
Navy Girl said…
WOW !! mashala amazing !
vagueraz said…
very nice shots :)
you got some pretty cool photgraphy talents there ;)
Aurous said…
nice :)
I loved the clouds
Technogal said…
Beautiful! specially pic number 2 &4.
Grey said…
beautiful... God's creation is marvelous
Anonymous said…
and fluffy clouds, horay :D lol
Ever been to New York/ Jersey?
Anonymous said…
marshmallows: yes it was like that :)

Navy Girl: so now u know why I was asking you to come back? :p

q8Honey: indeed :)

vagueraz: thanks :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Alot of people told me that!

Charmbracelet: :)

Aurous: they are beautiful :)

Technogal: thanks :)

Grey: It is no doubt..

Batoul A.: Yes I have been to NY, anything nice that I have missed?

PaLoMiNo: thanks..
brocasarea said…
nice pics....just like my native!!:)
Missy said…
the 3rd pic is amazing <3
Missy said…
I meant the 5th..

lol sorry!
Anonymous said…
Just trying to catch up on your persona lol learning about you.
Beautiful subhanallah! I just remembered and maybe you can help me....I went last week to visit the husband of my friend because he died for 9 minutes while scoping out some caves in Oman. He freakin' died, walla! Anyway, tremendous story I can find a link if you want to read about it; but he had some cool apps for prayer times and sunrise and sunset. Do you know about these apps?

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