What mental disorder do you have?

I was bored sitting at home so decided to do some quizes...

What mental disorder do you have?
Your Result: Paranoia

You are constantly thinking about what others may be saying about you behind your back. You may also feel people have conspiracies against you, or they are out to get you. In crowds you may feel like everybody is watching to closely.

Manic Depressive
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
What mental disorder do you have?

I don't even want to think of this quiz again as it makes me feel I am not nomal :D


Anonymous said…




do u still have the link?? abyyy! :)
..::Amu::.. said…
Anonymous: hehe, I will watch out my steps :pPp

Dandooon: the link is there. Just click on 'What mental disorder do you have?' :)
ZaMaHReeR said…
don't worry amu, at some level we all have a mental disease.. according to the quiz i have a manic depressive disorder :P
thats cool :D
Grey said…
i got ADD .. Wasn't surprised ...
..::Amu::.. said…
zamahreer: Depressive disorder sounds scary :D

grey: what is ADD??
Balqees said…
Manic Depressive

me that ???!!!
amu la 3ad te76 5areeb6 mo mn jd on ur blog :S
ZaMaHReeR said…
ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder.
Depressive disorder isn't scary as much as paranoia :P
Squirreliya said…
Manic Depressive :P

looool 7aram 3allaik sawaitni MD! :P
Anonymous said…
istaghfarallah ballah hatha quiz to take for fun ? :/ thats a very insensitive thing to post about considering people who actually do have these illnesses don't like it to be taken very lightly of :/
NoNoWa said…
I have a lil OCD so the quiz said---hmmm...not very surprised!!!
Big Pearls said…
lol I don't wanna do it..I probably have them all:p
Aurous said…
According to the quiz, I'm paranoid too @@
and I thought I had OCD ;P
Ansam said…
I just did it... I am OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Why am I not surprised... I even blogged about it once
likeairillrise said…
Hmm... I have goldfish memory. Is that a disorder?
Technogal said…
LooooL I did it.. and the result was Manic Depressive ^__^|;__;
The Archer said…
lol.. I'm doing it right now.. :p

I have GAD.. :/
Navy Girl said…
dudeeeeeeee you are paranoid !! ;P

anaa i got this " generalized anxiety disorder " ;D
Ruby Woo said…
I got anxiety disorder. Sooo you're a paranoid freak aren't you? I'm watching you ;)
5roofa said…
lool wansaa shlooon abi ajaaareeb :p

atwaga3 ana kelhooom @@

e7em shhhhhhhhh i didnt say that lol

salamz dear....
Fa6ma said…
I have A LOT OF OCD and a little bit of manic depressive disorder =/
I blogged it =D always wanted to get diagnosed cuz I knew I was normal like u =p
OutOfReach said…
mm dont wanna do it :S
Feminist™ said…
Your Result: Manic Depressive

You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don't know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

hehe thats is so true ;p
Ra-1 said…
I just took the test :)
..::Amu::.. said…
Balqeeesoooo: looks like thats so true about you as you always wanted the crown :D

zamahreer: well is is equally scary as all the others :D

squirreliya: Manic....is it opening the secrets of ourselves :D

Anon: I hope you recover soon :)

Nonowa: lil OCD...you mean 75% :p

big pearls: I want to know what you got :)

Aurous: welcome here!! I guess great minds have the same disorders too :P

Ansam: these sounds qaweya :P

likeairwillrise: No that's natural disaster :D

Technogal: whats depressing ya? :)

The Archer: Allah ye3enek..

navy: dudy you are worse than me :P

Ruby woo: dont look at me,hehe

5roofa: the link is there!

fa6ma: we all are normal, aren't we? :P

outofreach: why not?

feminist: do I have to be scared of this :P

Ra-1: give us the result!!
Feminist™ said…
do u wanna be scared of this ;p ?
Smarties said…
akthar shai kent ana:

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)


Manic Depressive
GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

i feel weird =S
PaLoMiNo said…
ana manic depressive ;p
Shane Ritchie said…
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