Random day

Its 2:07am and I am writing this post.

I just had a shower.

I hate liars

I always get hurt when I trust people

I slept alot yesterday.

I got a new HP laptop from my work. Its processing speed is really fast and it makes me feel so happy as if I am using computer for the first time, daaa Amu!

My room is so messy. I need some volunteers to help me :p

The BLOGGERS MEETUP is on coming Monday. I am so excited about it!

I hate when people try to control me.

I want to fire all the staff at my business. I wish they could work properly the way I pay them on time.

I am so missing riding a motorcycle.

It took me 11 minutes to write this post.


Balqees said…

:p :p
Balqees said…
loool i had to write that gabl ma a7d yktb gabli looool
anyhoo why r guys rooms always meey ya3ni why don't u guys clean them up ana mst7eel anam fee '3rfah mo mrf3ah :D 9 i felt so clean fj2ah :P)

wnasah almeetup next monday :D alsa3 km 3shan ajee :P

i just had a shower too tra ;D i'm so clean ya naso 3aly

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL u wrote the post in 11 min , mabrook wesh nsweelk :P

yla its 1:54 rome time ya3ni 2:54 ur time :P

good night :D

btw i can't even see ur chat box ya5i :( i don't know why wallah marrah z3lanh 3shan ketha :(, m3 eno u know the net here is fast mashallah bs '3reeb wallah :S

yla 5la9 good night :) :

i wrote this comment in 3 min << trying to be amu :P

p.s tra i didn't spell check it so akeed fee spelling mistakes so masi 7alk o sawe nfsk ma shftaha :P

5la9 mn jd el7een good night :D
PaLoMiNo said…
yaaaaaaaaaay il SLR tyaanin ;***

Na3eeeeeeeeman 3al shower ;p

I hate liars 22222222222

ME 22222222222
ma7s yestahel our trust ya baba!

ana mooo naymaa wayed akhaaaih i never get enough sleep!

mabrook 3al new HP LT ;)

nooo nooo don't clean it up! I like it the way it is ;p

monday il meeting? where and what time? ;Pp

I love to control people ;PpP karhtny sa7? ;p

Fire them or ekh9im from their salary ;-]

I am so missing riding ....
la wela shy kint bagol shay mala da3y LOL

it took me 11 min.'s too ;p

hey this was fun ;D

balqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees yal e6aleeya ;p 3a6eena wayh ya bnya ;pppp be6lya o tabeen edsheen net o tshofeen chat box ? c'moon girl akeed ako many more fun stuff to do there ;-D
PaLoMiNo said…
*be6lya= in italy LOOOOOOOOOL
OutOfReach said…
good morning :)
Feminist™ said…
My room is messy 2 ;p
and i like it that way ;p

why do u hate liars? they are good people ;p

tagged you btw
Anonymous said…
balqeeso: how is Italy? me miss Italy not you :P

copy cat like always :D atleast have a comment of your own,hehe

Have a safe trip and enjoy ur time...

Palomino: thanks :) well the meet up is on coming monday...Navy told me that she has invited u? are u coming?

out of reach: good morning :)

feminist: liars are good people...laish? are u one of them :P

btw i have done that tag before :)
Anonymous said…
I hate when people try to control me too!! and liars they just ruin everything!!... about the messy room don't let is get toooo cluttery it gets in the way of your thinking and your daily life (no that wasn't me volunteering to clean it up;p)... hope u get to ride soon!
Feminist™ said…
you will find another 6 quirks and write them down :@

do u think am a liar ;p ?
├éme said…
Nice beauty on the header :)

~ Soul
Balqees said…
amu dude i'm in italy astmt3 blmna'9er aljameelah (when i say that i mean HOY GUYS :P ) so call me a copy cat call me wtever 3adi :P loool
i'm in a good mood :P

pamolino ya5i ma agdar i have to see wt happenes in the blog world when i'm gone a5aff ya5ti amu takes over my club :P
Anonymous said…
oh amu :( i hope you'll feel better soon. *hugs*

i will email you today.
Anonymous said…
purleyorchid: hehe I thought for a second that I got a volunteer :D

feminist: I cant think about any more quirks....

Madry if ur or not...

ame: cheers mate!

balqeeso: I miss Italy...are there ny nice chicks there :P *joking*

btw I have already taken over ur club :D
Grey said…
Fire the least responsible and rest of them fear you and work properly as long as they work for you.

I like the header.... awesome car !
Balqees said…
amu babe u can never taker over my club :P
Anonymous said…
I hate liars

I always get hurt when I trust people

My room is so messy. I need some volunteers to help me :p

I hate when people try to control me.

I want to SHOOT all the people i work with. I wish they could work properly the way I work and deliver eveything to them on time, instead of slacking around like the lazy bums that they are.

isnt life ironic?? ;)

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