Q8 Shooting Range

This past Thursday I went out with few colleagues from my work to the shooting range located in Subhan off the 6th Ring Road. Its been 10 years since I last used a gun. The last time I used it was in 1999 when I went for a NCC (National Cadet Corps) training which I did it after my high school just for fun. And it was really fun!!

They have different types of guns but the one that I used was a .40 caliber and it was good. It was kinda hard to aim but still I did pretty well. The recoil is really strong which I felt over the weekend with slight pain in my shoulders. The gun with 20 bullets costs around Kd6 but as I went with a member we ended up paying KD4.

While there we met the Manager of Shooting Ranges Complex who is also a Retired army colonel. A really great man who gave us a brief about the place and different guns they have. Most of the workers there are from Philippines. Its a must visit place if you want to experience something new. I am seriously thinking to become a member there.

The pics above shows the 20 bullets that I fired. Its easy to count the 19 bullets but you will be surprised to see that the last bullet is right on the top. I am assuming that this was the first shot that I fired :D


Feminist™ said…
yah yah yah ,, 7arkat wallah ..
i wanna go im dying to use a gun and kill someone ;p
would you take me plz ;p?
Anonymous said…
feminist: kill someone :O No sorry I cant take you to be the your victim there. *shivers*
Anonymous said…
ooh! I've wanted to do that for sooo long! Me and my friends were just talking about it the other day.. a7is it's a real de-stress activity!
Smarties said…
o5oi kella yerou7.. qayl wedde arou7 bs ma re7t, a7s a6ale3 kel 7arity ehnak! wanassa!!

wedde ashot a7ad :P
Technogal said…
I've been there many times before, and I did really enjoyed the 9mm. I also participated in one competition and got the runner up basic 2005 medal. There was an open track where you wear a belt that carries your bullets holder while running and shooting randomly all around an open area.
Nice shots amu :)
Squirreliya said…
Allaaah wanasa ..mn zman wana weddi aroo7 ajareb, bs mn kither ma ana fathya ma 3ndi wagt aroo7 :p
will try it some day ;)
Ansam said…
I wanna go! I was watching desperate housewives when Bree and Katherine went and I really wanna try it out! hehehehe
not bad....not bad at all :)

i think i might go there soon....anger management therapy :P
Navy Girl said…
wala i so much wana go there and try it out !!! :D i think it could be real fun :)
Aurous said…
sounds fun :)
I'd like to go but I'm afraid of guns :S
Grey said…
cool ! how far was the target?
Missy said…
I wanna target someone's head and SHOOT !
Anonymous said…
I go there all the time!

and all my 20 bullets are on the 10 ;) I make it one big hole ;p

I am a steyr fan.
kella met2a5er said…
Amu..were you trying to scare the target man!!? LoL

I know you meant to warn him before you kill him......typical Amu, so considerate..LOL

Yalla next time Dude....we are ready =D
Big Pearls said…
I've done it once and I was good:)
Anonymous said…
Wanasa! I did it a few months ago... it was so scary!!! I thought someone crazy might turn around at any minute and start shooting people.
Anonymous said…
Wanasa! I did it a few months ago... it was so scary!!! I thought someone crazy might turn around at any minute and start shooting people.
Fashionated said…
i want to shoot some1 ! oops i mean practice :P
NoNoWa said…
I dont like guns!!! I am a scaredy cat!
Anonymous said…
purelyorchid: you should go there and try it...its really fun!

Smarties: go there to enjoy it not to become a criminal :D

technogal: wow...I really need to go there a few more times..

Squirreliya: loll take some time out and go :p dont sleep too much,hehe

Ansam: you should :)

dandoon: I dont want to see your pic in the newspaper :P

NavyGirl: yeah I wana kill you :P

Aurous: dont worry we will all go together :)

grey: 10 meters!

Missy: no please!!!!

Soul: mmm so ur an expert!

KM: we are going there next week...

big pearls: :)

likeairillrise: I thought abt all that after I finished that what if someone shoots at me!

fashionated: good you just wanted to practice :p welcome here :)

Nonowa: meaaaaw :D
kella met2a5er said…
fotha7tna Dude, LOooooooooooooooL xD

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