Summer Get2Gether

As we are in the peak summer and nearly everyone is getting bored at home so Sis4you(Ex blogger/my sis), Navy Girl and myself decided to gather few new faces to join us in some ice cream parlor or cafe to meet up. I was invited to a similar event last year and I met few nice male/female bloggers and had a good time.

So how does it work? Well if any one of you is interested in joining us please feel free to drop me an email or leave your email in the comment box and you will contacted with the time and details of the place. We always use our blog nick names to identify our self at the place so you can still keep your names as anonymous.

What do we discuss or talk about? well its not a formal meeting. Its just a small gathering of bloggers to introduce each other if you want to. I know many of you might not want to join us because you have issues like what's the use of us blogging if we are not anonymous bla bla bla....well no one is forcing you so if you don't feel good about it no need to leave a comment we accept your privacy.

Well lets start with this neither sis4you or myself have ever met Navy Girl. We will be meeting her first time :) So who is there to join us?? Ops!!! that doesn't means that all the bloggers I have met before are not invited, everyone is invited to join us....

KM and family I know you are in so don't say NO :D

who's next?


iRise said…
I think it's a little too early for me! :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on my posts! People like you inspire me to keep writing... :)
OutOfReach said…
mmm nice nice nice ...
i like the idea
Squirreliya said…
khoosh fekra wallah ;p

p.s: you are mentioned in my last post "Peace".
5roofa said…
mmmm loool u think i should come?? :p

madryyyy ill think about it if 3amy K.M is bring lomy am soooooo in :p


NoNoWa said…
5roofa: Lomy wud so b there!!! But u have to promise to go too! :)

Actually oddly enuf o dunno if KM wants to go...hmmm. We all have to talk him into it!!!
Missy said…
etha ur booking me a flight and a hotel and i'll come :P
Hamitaf La B said…
Mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeee..... ?!
5roofa said…
5alty nonwaa looool u can leave lomy with me in the day care or any where o u can all meet up :D

yaa madry ana metradeda 2

amu lol sorry were chattin in ur blog

salamz ...
..::Amu::.. said…
irise: I understand that :)

you are more than welcome...your writing is beautiful.

outofreach: so are u coming with ur kid?

squirreliya: thanks n thanks again for mentioning me!

5roofa: you are more than welcome and 3amich KM is coming..he cant get away...

nonowa: KM will come I will talk to him *fingures cross*

missy: nothing for u as u kicked me out of ur blog :P

hamitaf: :D

5roofa: u can come and meet lomy there :)
enchanteurs said…
awwww sounds like fun !! enjoy it oo tell us all about it! ana isara7a aste7i :$
well, for me it depends on safrat Feminist ;Pp

yanro7 sawa ya manro7sh sawa :p
NoNoWa said…
Nothing is for sure....I dont know yet if I will go. U know revealing yourself can be a lil weird.....i am sure it wud be fun..but I dunno yet. I have to think about it.
NoNoWa said…
Its sumthing me and KM have to decide together. u know what i mean?
PaLoMiNo said…




I'm a CHICKEN WaHaWahahahahaha ;D

bas I would Like to know where and when????????????
aby aye atjasaassssssssssss ;D

ZaMaHReeR said…
thats nice of you guys :)
Feminist™ said…
well im gonna be leaving July 6th ,, itha el gathering gabel i will work on it inshallah :D

i would love to meet you guys :D
Soul said…
LOOOOOOL it'll be fun!

am I invited?

MiYaFuSHi said…
I second Hamitaf!

Ok if she goes I'll go :P

I will be the one in the mask....dammit I just gave myself away :/
Zabo0o6a said…
I'd love to join ;) , u have me on ur facebook page right?
..::Amu::.. said…
enchanteurs: sure :))

ghadeer: well you can come without her too we don't bite :P

Nonowa: did you speak to him about it? whats his say?

palomino: I knew it before u would chicken out..hahahha

zamahreer: thanks :) are u joining us?

feminist: well it will be after that :)

soul: yes you are? are u coming :P

miyafushi: dont be a copy cat :P

zabooo6a: No i don't think I have can send me an email if you like to join us!
Grey said…
I cant make it... i have cold feet ..!!
Bebe & Noonie said…
hhhm really cute ideaaa !!
bs I dnt think I wanna do it :/ ehehe
Navy Girl said…
WOW you guys i'm impressed .. when we are talking about it i kinda 7asheet feekom lol .. not really just said that most of people wont show up ... sooo YALLA GET YOURSELF THERE MAFHOOM !!!

KM and nonowa HAVE to bring on the KIDS !! :D

maybe i'll wear my navy skirt !!! bs wait it would give me away !!! i wana to wonder awal meno ana lol :D
and pal you gotta come moo keefch :D
CeCe said…
E9ara7a I'm coming becuase of Navy Girl! :P

(First please provide me with the details of where and when...)

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