Bloggers Day Out

We had a great time at the get2gether last night. I felt I added new members to my family. We laughed and talked about different topics from motorcycles, work, different blogs we move around and yeah we did discuss some of you here too but cant share that ;p

It was ....

Kella Met2a5er: (who was an hour late like his nick says) with great motorcycle experience and stories.

Nonowa: The perfect wife of KM with her 3 cute kids (Mashallah I adore this family sooo much)

OutOfReach: The shy lady with a cute smile and her son(naughty like me). It was great to see you there.

Navy Girl: mmm who is at work on time but late 15 mins here. Do I sound like your grandma now? ha? The bold, workoholic and full of spirit girl. Thanks for coming :)

Ra-1: The simplest and sweetest girl I have met in a while. Quiet, intellegent and like a baby.

Kaos: Was there for a short time. Didnt get to know him that much but it was nice meeting him too.

Amu: mmmm I leave that on you guys to tell me ?

and not to forget XoXo: you didnt show up in front of the group but I saw you there. Thank girl :* *hugs*

It was really one good evening meeting this group out of our hectic life. I will definetly be doing this more often.

KM has added a few words about the meetup here.

Note: the pic is from KM's blog. Sorry mate couldnt find a better one.


Anonymous said…
sounds really fun :D
Navy Girl said…
amuoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shenooo i told you why :D wala next time ra7 a6gk :D
Smarties said…
aham shai enkoum estanastaw :D
wain kan el meeting?

w KM kal 3ada KM!! bs nonowa sh'thanbha? ;P

outofreach shyyyy laaaish! la test7een, 3ady be cool :P
wanasa eneik sheft Zaid!

Ra, Kaos, and NG.. hope u enjoyed your time! :)
chika said…
well, glad you had fun :) it's nice to get to know these hidden people behind screens..
Big Pearls said…
glad u had a good time..sounds like fun:)
Anonymous said…
that sounded fun, that really good :)
hope i can make it next time, sorry i was a lil busy.. and im not in kuwait :)
catch up with u later.
Navy Girl said…
i so much agree with each word he said .. we did have a great time .. and okay i'll have to take off everything he said about me .. and add up this ..

amu : true good friend ..
Grey said…
Glad you all had fun !
Anonymous said…
awww.. sounds like fun!! happy u enjoyed!!
Anonymous said…
aw sounds like u guys had fun!!!! :D am glad u enjoyed it
Anonymous said…
im sooooo glad!!

now im sure that the people im talking to are not a pigment of my imagination!!

i was starting to worry the computer was playing tricks on me hehe
OutOfReach said…
yeah it was really nice :)
I really enjoyed it and as you said we definitely add new members to the family :)
to be honest my son was getting into my nerves mashalla 3leeh he was very naughty :P
thank you amu
thank you all
Anonymous said…
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Feminist™ said…
awwww that sounded fun :D
glad you enjoyed your time all of you :D
5roofa said…
loool wansaa u had fun


bel3afya 3alekom

Anonymous said…
glad u had fun
kella met2a5er said…
Thanx dude...cmon you got knowledge about bikes too...LoL

It was really cool and fun...cant wait for the next time =)
Deema said…
glad you all had fun.. :D
Anonymous said…
TELL US MORE!!! Like what it was like to meet people that you have only known through the internet... Was it a weird first encounter?
Anonymous said…
sounds fun :)
Anonymous said…
likeairillrise: Its a really good experience as I didnt feel the difference in the people who;d blog I have been reading here and when meeting them face to face...It ws gr8 and we are meeting again next week :)

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