Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memories of Childhood

Just remembering my childhood days today makes me happy...

The way I was naughty and hyper.

The way mom used to run behind me to hit me with slippers and her food making tools.

The Way we all cousins used to go in one car for swimming at the Salmiya beach.

The way I used to act like I am drowned in the sea till my siblings used to get scared and pull me from my hair.

The way I used to make different things out of rice on the dinning table.

The way I got a cup for winning a race by cheating.

The way I used to bunk from my house by climbing off the terrace to play in the heat of summer with my friends.

The way I used to get packed lunch meals for school (early kindergarden years) and 100 fils from dad to buy a chocolate.

The way sitting next to a girl at school when I was 7 years old used to make me feel like I am so special.

The way I used to be grounded for days for not studying well.

The way I used to fail in all the subjects all the year except passing the midterms/finals.

Ohh Good Old Days...I wish I could have them back again :)


Adrenaline: said...

Those days are gone...they'll be back once you have kids, but this time you will be the one thats giving the grounding orders.

And that will only make it worse and constantly remind you of the good all days going to listen to the "Wear Sunscreen" song now.

OutOfReach said...

yeah good old days :D
i just remembered something i used to do when i was a kid and yes just the thought of it makes me smile :)
and i second adrenaline , as i see my son and how he acts sometimes :P bs boys are different lol
inshalah when you have kids you will know what i mean :P

Grey said...

You cheated in a Race? How ? How? Bad boy !

Feminist™ said...

The way I used to act like I am drowned in the sea till my siblings used to get scared and pull me from my hair.

LOL ,, wallah jad ;p !!!!!

you are so naughty, i wanna kid just like you ;p

Missy said...

I used to act drowned b3d! :P

Technogal said...

it's true those are the best days in our life.. bas aham shay the slippers part :)

kella met2a5er said...

Duuude!! I got my share of the n3al throwing, and running away up the stairs mako fayda still yi7ooshik.

I bet I was better than u in the rice stuff too. I usd to smash it in my fists and squish it through my fingers. Did u eat your designs afterwards I did!

Navy Girl said...

lol you guys are nuts :D

i remember that boy i used to love back when i was in KG .. his name was Waleed :D my god i still remember his faceeeeeeeeeee !! :D

Ansam said...

bitter sweet

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


shaklak kint wayed shay6oooon! ;)

Ruby Woo said...

I had the best childhood.

Zi-One said...

lool nice memories ;p

Big Pearls said...

the good old days..I miss then too..:)

..::Amu::.. said...

Adrenaline: thanks for the good words and welcome here:)

Outofreach: let me find a girl first :)

grey: I took off my tshirt sat in my friends car, then got off few 100 meters before the destination and started running!

feminist: you sure you want someone like me? :p

Missy: shy6oona :p

Technogal: well slippers have been part of me all my teenage years :D

KM: we all guys are alike!!

Navy: you had a crush!! I want to hear the story!!!

Ansam: :)

Dandoon: big time... I was the master

Ruby Woo: mashallah :)

zi-one: thanks :)

Big pearls: we all do :)

likeairillrise said...

You give me ideas on a post and then you steal it!!! hehehe LOL! Walla ya7alat ayam awal. We had no worries... little grains of rice provided the greatest entertainment. :)

..::Amu::.. said...

likeairillrise: loooooooool I gave you few more and when you finally decided you wanted to go for this one I was like NO WAY!!! *joking* someone is talking about food - lunch time,hehe

Fo0f said...

i love the pic!

..::Amu::.. said...

foof: thanks and welcome here :)

amoi said...

hehe.. nice memories.. i remember i hold my boy friend's hand.. hehhe.. remember my mom feed me when i'm playing bicycle..really miss the memories..
amu.. nice knowing u.. nice posting.. n keep posting (n_n)v

PaLoMiNo said...

layta il shbaabo y3oodoo yoman ;p

Navy Girl said...

dude it was KG !!! ROTHAAAAA :D LOL .. I WAS A BABY ! :D

Bin3agul said...

ana kint akthar yahel emdalal .. we use to live at my grand fathers house .. w ana limdalal 3indy yadty ;p

desertpalms said...

thanks agen for ur kind comment, this is a beautiful post...very nostalgic.

bas we cant always look behind us at the past, we need to look forward to all the happy memories we have yet to make sa7? =D