My father once said if people will ever respect you in this family and world after your status and behavior is for the money you have in your account. I always said to myself that my dad is wrong. But now I feel he was right...

I have always helped my sisters whenever they required any financial support. I never asked anything in return neither I expected. My love for them has been unconditional. Money never mattered to me in life as it never bought me any happiness. I never felt that because my account has sufficient funds I am living a happy life. I always prayed and asked GOD for just one thing that is peace and happiness. Never got even one of them. I still keep thinking maybe its another exam from GOD and once I pass this happiness will soon come my way...

But recently I realized that my sisters are part of those people who are not with me for the love we have for each other. They have equally become part of this mean society where there is no love.

Its been 3 days and I am just trying to get answers to my questions....Is money everything in life that makes people forget their relation with their family? Does money gives one person superiority over another? Is that the reason we treat poor on the streets not worth our society and neglect them? Is that the reason when siblings argue after their parents death just to have the share of it? But this money doesn't gives us happiness. Is happiness worth sacrifying for money? Do you have answers to any of these questions and many other that are soaring my mind?


Feminist™ said…
meeee 1st :D

now lemme read ;p
Anonymous said…
feminist: welcome here :)
Technogal said…
Is money everything in life that makes people forget their relation with their family?

Of course not! Money is important but it does not mean it's everything! Family issue should be considered among others issues. money is a printed paper where you can exchange it with goods(clothes, car,food,etc..) but we can never buy love, family and happiness with money.

Does money gives one person superiority over another?

No, it doesn't. Although many people think it does but in fact I do believe that a human loses superiority when he's dead. People only remember those with good and respective rule in life.

Is that the reason we treat poor on the streets not worth our society and neglect them?

Poor people should never be neglected, however many of us always search for them to support them with money and the help they need.

Is that the reason when siblings argue after their parents death just to have the share of it?

Unfortunately that's what happens after parents death. Each person thinks that he didn't get his right share which leads to an argument between family members that doesn't worth at all.

But this money doesn't gives us happiness. Is happiness worth scarifying for money?

It doesn't amu! Sometimes it worth and it depends on the situation, but as I told you, you can't buy happiness with money!

Do you have answers to any of these questions and many other that are soaring my mind?

Yes I've already answered your questions :)
Amethyst said…
Happiness is what you make out of your life..
Anonymous said…
Technogal: what can i say after your answers? Mmm great minds think alike! Thanks :)

Amethyst: i wish it was as simple as u said
Ansam said…
money doesnt buy happiness.. one needs to be content and satisfied with or without money

thats why its so true... al qana3a kanz la yafna!
Navy Girl said…
amu i'm really sorry to hear that .. i know that money can be the root of all evil .. bs still .. dont judge her just not yet .. sometimes things appear differently than they really are .. besides just like there are those people who wont care but about your bank account .. there are those who would only care for your own personality ..
pinkest pout said…
I know what you mean, its really sad how even nass ely 3ndhum 5air are still money hungry and are still vying for a higher position and are hungry for more .. its sad that you have to face that , maybe one day they'll see that money doesnt equate happiness nor will it give them good health or substitute for family.. i suggest you focus on those who truly do care and love you and forget or 5alek 3ady with those who don't..
Anonymous said…
Ansam: I agree..

Navy: I didn't judge her its just the way she acted was so odd and it gave me the surety as I have seen it and different times previously!

Pinkest: I hope soon...Welcome here :)
madree shagoolk really...
i agree money doesnt buy happiness, it maybe buy you a comfortable lifestyle though, but thats it
and i think most people associate comfortable with happy

its sad wat the world has come down to, and i really am sorry that you and i have to live in such greedy times :(
ge0 said…
I hear you bro! It's shocking how friends/family can change in a blink of eye. sadly life learned me no escape from these situations but the only option we have is to forgive ومثل مايقولون الجرح يبرى والكلمة ماتبرى
Hamitaf La B said…
Money can make people love you and it can make people loathe you... and with family it can go to the extreme.... it seems that these days family members always want to be better than each other and if one is better than the other you have to use/abuse them for being better than you... no one is ever happy for anyone anymore... its sad wallah!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. Unfortunately money is the source of all evil. I really admire those who have money and put it to good use (like yourself). If you feel like your sisters, or anyone for that matter, are taking advantage of you financially... then cut off the support and only provide them with the essentials. You need to be strong and speak your mind.

I wish you the best of luck in this situation. You seem like a wonderful person. Don't let anyone take advantage of you... even if it's family.
Smarties said…
akeed la2, money cant buy happiness..
واللي يقول عكس هالشي مع الاسف محدوديات تفكيرة قصيره جداً.

w tadree shnu ely yeqhar? ena hal ayam kel shai yenqas bl flos, even relationships.. bs 3ad family relation ashofha qaweya, cuz etha el 3alaqa el 2usarya e5tarbat because of money, 3ayal el denya mu eb5eer!

anyway, to overcome hal situations.. kel ely neqdar 3leh ena we switch it to the past, because then we realise ena hal "change" ely 9ar mu bedna :)

^ 3ala qolat el comment ely qably bl shwai "..it maybe buy you a comfortable lifestyle though, but thats it"
Anonymous said…
It is sad, but its true. Money does bring happiness.
Feminist™ said…

and dont keep those thoughts in your mind that your sisters love you for your money ! maybe there was some misunderstanding but that doesnt mean what you said is true ..

and hell NO money does not buy happiness .. and happiness dont just come along .. you have to work REALLY REALLY HARD till you get there ,, well i didnt reach it yet :(
Anonymous said…
sry 2 hear that well i think mostly every family in q8 have been through that!! ;/ well as they say " el floos t'7abith lnfoos " !! alla yhadehom inshalla o0 i always blv in this " tafa'alo bil '7air tajedooh" always blv n this n think of wt u want o inshalla eyeek oo and one more thing etha alla ma estjab du3a'ek soon that mean ena alla y7ib ysma3 9otik:) ako 7adeeth bema ma3nah ena allah sb7anah ygool 7ag el mala'eka a'7ero ejabat do3a'a 3abdi fa eny o7ibo an asma3 9owtah so dnt give up in du3a'a thats realy wt keep us going in life! wish all peace n happieness :)
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately.. it does.

الفلوس تغير النفوس
Anonymous said…
* sry " el floos ta3my lnfoos"
Big Pearls said…
money is not everything..however we do and get everything by money..
do0da said…
No1s perfect; you will have ppl putting money over family bes that doesnt mean its the norm.

As for happiness and life ima big believer of Karma. I think the longer i continue doing the best i can for myself and every1 around me things should work out for the better even if that means it might get a little bit worse along the way.
Uff i lost my comment ;/

Ok, im not going to go in details, i will suffice with a few words.

Money is important.
Money is not everything.

When someone loses their health , sometimes limitless funds cant cure them.

Health and well-being IS everything.
Anonymous said…
Dandoon: I know its sad :( I hope this world could be a better place...

geo: I cant forgive...

Hamitaf: so true...noone is ever happy for anyone anymore!!

likeairillrise: thanks for the care :)

smarties: I guess thats y we are earning to get a better life...

Anon: I dont agree!

feminist: they made me think like this!!!

Anon: thanks for the wishes :)

Harlow: thats sad though :/

Big Pearls: there where I am sayin thats its no worth it!

dooda: I belive in karma too..thanks for passing by!!

delicately realisic: it ok :) welcome again... I agree with every word you have said here!!
Anonymous said…
I agree with delicately realistic on this!.. whats all the money going to do when u have bad health.. money can get in the way of relationships with family and friends it blinds u in a way "il floos it'3ayir il nifoos".. I blame society!
NoNoWa said…
U know that saying...Money makes the world go around? Well it does unfortunately.....but basing life's happiness on the amount in the bank...is just so so sad. I think people like that dont really know what life is about....its not about a new car, the latest fashion, a huge diamond..etc...u get my point. Life should be about so much more--- Not material items!!

I am not saying that buying certain things and having the ability to doesnt make a person happy..cz it can. But that person has to know and understand the values and priorities in life first, and know that money doesnt define them, and make them better than anyone else. And those people are far and few, Amu. I am really sorry to hear about your situation that ur dealing with right now. It saddens me to think that even family can be so cold.

But u have to know something else Amu--ur a nice person and I can tell ur also very generous and outgoing.....sometimes people can get used to that and take it..... and u for granted. And that wud be such a shame...especially when its family oriented.

I hope things get better bro....in the mean time try to smile :)
kella met2a5er said…
Amu...money is alot of things in the world, but not everything...

Dude..she is your sister, and she just might felt as weird as you felt when she asked you too..maybe that is why you think she is acting strange lately..maybe she felt like she couldnt ask you but she really needed it, and that is why it felt akward...she is your sister after all man =)

Dont feel sad, and you know what..if you have a question, just go a head and ask her, if I learn something in this life, from all people, never leave something in your mind and heart, and kill your self wondering whats going on, starting to build up lots of thoughts and ideas, without even knowing the real deal....Amu, if you have questions, the only person could help you is your sister to answer them, not us brother =)

I hope you will find the healing answers and feel better man..
Anonymous said…
Your sisters ADORE you. Whatever is going on now is temporary and passing.

You are rich in ways you can't even begin to calculate. You have a loving family, a roof over your head, food in your mouth, and friends who care about you. You have great memories from your childhood. People like you. You have a job! You have a car! You have air conditioning, and you can buy your own tea/coffee - all the rest is small stuff.

You are as happy as you will allow yourself to be!

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