Selamat datang Rumah (Welcome Home)

Name: Noor
Age: Early - Mid 20's
Nationality - Indonesian
Status - Single
Arrived: 13th July 08
Languages: Spoken Indonesian and learning sign language
Sleeping Room: Kitchen

The first maid of our house. My mom never liked the idea of having a maid at home and I never felt that we needed one as my mom was the perfect house wife. We had cleaners coming in at times when there were some occasions going on.

This new lady can hardly speak English. We communicate in sign languages. All her day is spent in Kitchen or rooms working and cleaning and her nights sleeping in the same kitchen. Reason being behind is she doesn't wants to sleep in my niece's room and we never had a maid room in our house.

I feel really sorry for them as they leave their houses and come to a totally different country for better living of their family back home. I wish they could be treated like a family member. I have seen some of them being really treated badly and some are treated well but don't deserved to be. I just hope this lady has a good time as long as she stays with us and goes back safely to her country at the end.


zwena said…
awal mara akoon awal w7da :D
Ruby Woo said…
I just did this documentary about domestic workers. It's really heartbreaking, some of them have been seriously abused by their employers. It's good to see people like you who care about them!
Anonymous said…
Ameen ya rab il 3alameen. Allah yesma3 menik, abuse is very heartbreaking.
inshalla te6la3 5oosh wa7da
bs 7bebti shlon tnam bel ma6ba5 ;\
enzain naymoha bel 9ala ;\
Grey said…
God bless you and your family. Hope she will respect the love and work hard.
Technogal said…
I hope she'll be as good as she can stay in your house!
Ansam said…
oh wow... you have a super mom mashallaaa... how?
and 7aram she sleeps in the kitchen!
Jewaira said…
Domestic help should ideally have their own living space: a separate room and a bathroom. This is basic.
Ms Loala said…
I guess your mom and i share the same feeling, i don't like having maids at home and neither does my mom :\
It's just the idea of a stranger touching our stuff is scary.

But congratulations :P
Anonymous said…
Zweena: pick one nick :D should we cut a cake for you being number one :)

Ruby woo: I would like to read that piece if you don't mind :)

Harlow: enshallah

Ghadoor: she says she wants to sleep there...

grey: thanks...I hope too!

Technogal: I hope too...

Ansam: I belive 50% of all the women and 20% of all men are good...she is one of them :P

Jewaira: Yes I know but we never thought that we will be needing one!
Anonymous said…
Ms Loala: I totally agree we grew up with this that how can a stranger touch our things!
Big Pearls said…
inshalla te6la3 zaina!
Anonymous said…
LOL... I love the way you started this post.

Yes, you are right - our help should be treated like family. It's the least that we can do. :)
Vixen said…
*huuug* awww amu! i wish everyone was like you at times.
Mar8adoosh ;* said…
Oooo sign language could be fun actually ;p Gd luck with it.. at least u'll learn something new right ? ;p

some people do treat their maids badly but i guess allah be7asibhum :/
Shoush said…
7amdila 3ala salamat-ha and hope she turns out to be one of the good ones.
Anonymous said…
galbak 6ayib mashallah...2nd tym on ur blog nd i noticed ur profile it from hum tum ? =P i love that film! if its nt..then jus ignore me :$
Anonymous said…
allah yakafeekum shar il 5adam yarab (ameen)
it is so great to see people as kind as u , wallah u are so kind ur fam. are blessed : )
Well we had all kind of maids and nanny's from all around the world literally :P
UK, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Baluchistan, and last but not least Sri lanka !
so marat 3alina kil il ashkal min faithful ones to thieves and black magic doer : s.
and il 7imdillah we treat every one so good but some has failed us.
we had 2 Indian maids who stayed the longest, one stayed for 21 years and had to leave because her husband was in a life or death situation and when she wanted to come back her son had an accident and he is semi paralyzed now : ( and the other one stayed for 23 years and she decided it was time to go back and rest for she is too old to work : )
we are in touch with them until now, i talked to her few days ago and i always send emails and msgs to their daughters and sons as well. and if they needed anything we are always there for them we treat them as a family member i really LOVE both of them so much and i still cry whenever i hear their voices, we were trusting them beyond ur expectations.
and we have a driver who is still with us since 23 or 24 years and he also converted to islam lately il 7imdillah : )
and our new maids are great as well we had two converted to islam by their will after feeling secure and loved il 7imdillah.
and im so sorry for my extra long comment : ( .
gosh! anyway, sounds hard.. I mean communicating with someone who dont speak your language or anything close to it..!
Squirreliya said…
wow mashAllah 3ala your mother
Feminist™ said…
alllah itha ur new maid nafs elie bel pic im sooo gonna take her away from you ;p
Anonymous said…
big pearls: inshallah

likeairillrise: lol did it sound like I was interviewing someone? :D

vixen: thanks...

mar8adoosh: I feel that she will learn and I will forget my language :p welcome here!

shoush: Allah yesalmich and I hope the same too :)

desertpalms: thanks...yes its from HUMTUM..I like the comic characters and felt they resemble me :) eshda3wa u wont be ignored here...

btw Welcome here!

Anonymous: dont be sorry infact you just shared with me some of your sour and sweet experiences :D

Oranjina: she will learn soon.

squirreliya: thanks :)

feminist: la wallah...its my choice :P

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