Batman Effect

As I was riding down the gulf road in my new Hayabusa I saw a few guys harassing a women in a yellow Lamborghini. I watched the action for few minutes then finally decided to talk to the guys.

I stopped by their SUV and asked them to stop this stupidity and let the women go. They replied me saying its non of my business and I shouldn't in the first place ask them to stop. Seeing the helpless pretty women in the car I couldn't hold my self and we ended up in a fight. A few passer by's stopped their cars and stopped us. The fight finally was over but it wasn't the end.

As I started cruising again in the hot weather I noticed in my side mirror that the same SUV is following me and flashing lights at me signaling to stop at the right lane again. Ignoring them I kept on cruising till I took a turn on the 6th Ring Road going towards the airport.

We both started speeding, racing and cursing each other as I was in the fastest lane and they were in the middle lane. This all got my attention diverted and when all of a sudden I looked ahead it was too late to save my self from crashing. I hit the Chevy truck and all I rem was my scream 'AAaaaAaaaaa'

The scream was so loud that I woke up terrified. I looked at the time it was Mondoy morning 7:25am. I was getting late for work.


J o u j a™ said…
ya3ni enta al7een "the hero"
shale3 galbik hal motorcycle ;p
Balqees said…
kl hath 3shan glt eno batman a7la mnk
5la9 yoobahenta a7la mn batman and ur the real batman

but u know i think eno wt u did was very sweet and nice, it sweet taht u helped the girl u brave brave man , :)
Fashionated said…
hahaha i wanted to kill u shway when i found out it was a dream :P
Big Pearls said…
looool I was wondering if it was just a dream ..
Bebe n' Noonie said…
umbaay I was shocked glttt 7arrraaamm!!
tawa mskeen he got the bike !!
Loool nice one :p
Anonymous said…
Jouja: I got scared :p

Balqees: loooool

Fashionated: lol why u wanted a real show? :D

big pearls: ashwa it was a real such accidents lead to death :p

noonie: LoL I just wrote in my last post that I will get the bike after a month so how can I have it now,hehe
Fashionated said…
maybe only the accident part cause fee action :P
Anonymous said…
lool .. well i believed it all until i read "when all of a sudden I looked ahead it was too late to save my self from crashing " that's when i knew it was a dream : )

PaLoMiNo said…
enzain low il bnoota ele bil sayra jaykara would u talk to the guys in first place? ;p

a7es il bnt 7azt-ha betgoool iffffffff shybe hatha ;p ana ma 9adgt a7d 6aal eb wayhee ;p

enzain sj 7almaan hal 7ilm? if sj 3yal it's a sign from god, egolik dont buy one!!!

ana a7eb il harley ;D
Anonymous said…
fashionated: LOL so did u watch BATMAN? cuz that has more action then my dream :pPp

Anonymous: well I had to wake up some way or the other to save my self :D

Palomino: Its the car thats more beautiful than the girl :p I felt it all came after watching the movie :D I dont like Harley ;p
NoNoWa said…
U freaked me out- WTH? I was competely believing ur lil story! :P
Missy said…
I knew it was a dream :P
FourMe said…
lol even your dreams are about speeding.. how cute :p
Amethyst said…
Kel hatha mn Batman?
Bebe n' Noonie said…
wee ;S
ma staw3abt !!=O
kella met2a5er said…
LoooooooooooooL, I knew it was a dream, been there..done that, with both of my bikes, the harley and the goldwing...its a bike fever dude, lol..3ady 3ady, normal symptom of falling in love with your bike....

Your next dream will be worse, you will be setting with your bike, having coffe or juice and talking about how cool both of you look when you ride on gulf street, looooooooool

Ask me.....I know it all,LMAO xD
3ad 3ad tawwny radda mn batman now!!
bchait wayed bl movie

mo 3la batman wla rachel wla dent

3la the batcar, o batbike...o most importantly:
the lambo :'(

it was so sad :(

ps: 7amdella careful ya 9bay! :)
Ansam said…
you almost got me! I fell for it till before you hit the chevy truck hehehehe.. I was like akeed dream!
Navy Girl said…
amuoooooooooooooooooooo ya shagooooooool 5ar3tny 3ably something really happened :@ ana araweek hayeen !! :D
Anonymous said…
from the first sentence 3rft ina kan 7ilm. Allah yi7ofthk 3la kul 7aal..=D i rele wana see that film!
Zi-One said…
lool knt 7asa enah 7ilm ;p
J o u j a™ said…
you must be scared ya baba and change ur mind about the bike ;p
P-Ella said…
gosh man i thought was real:P dont you ever do this again :P mshklty bser3a i believe bs feeh shay kinda unreal ena girl driving Lamborghini now thats rare:P
Grey said…
Awesome !

Just when i was think "dang now thats going to be double trouble" .. you pull the masterstroke ...

Mar8adoosh said…
ubaaay 9arwa3tny walla 3abaly 9ijj ;//

In real life don't do this ;p
do0da said…
i was like tawa gal yo9al ba3ad shahar =/


3ad movie wont come out here for another 2 weeks :@
PaLoMiNo said…
yalla nabe new post ;p
Canc3riaN said…
lol!! ana wayed endemajt I thought it's all real!


Anonymous said…
NoNowa: awww sorry sis :p you know naughty amu,hehe

Missy: :p

FourMe: speed is everything to me :D

Amethyst: hehe YES :D

Bebe n' Noonie: did i scare ya?

kella met2a5er: LOL @ my next dream mate...I want to stop them...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I will be careful!

Ansam: LOL

Navy Girl: good you deserve to be scared :p

desertpalms: intellegent girl :p

Zi-One: but kinda like a movie :D

J o u j a™: No ya baba 3ady :p

P-Ella: welcome to my blog :) it was strong dream though :p

Grey: thanks :)

Mar8adoosh: Na i wont do it in real :p

do0da: Why so late?

PaLoMiNo enshallah coming soon :)

Canc3riaN: welcome back girl!! you have been missed :)
Fa6ma said…
When I read that you hit the Chevy I thought you might have broke something and how would you be typing now? =p

Yal hero! It's still sweet cuz some other people wouldn't do it even in their dreams =D
do0da said…
dunno why, its just the swiss way of doing things :p
Anonymous said…
fa6ma: herooooo :D

dooda: Swiss ahem ahem...sorry I didnt knew ur history :p I guess ur studying there so good luck mate :)
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone :) It was a great day filled with ur wishes and my family and friends around :)

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