III Day Plan

Seems like a busy weekend coming ahead again. I have alot of plans but I hope I get to do a few things that are on my plate for now.

Well today I am heading to the Shooting Range to practice my shots again with a group of people from work. I am excited about it after a hectic working week.

Friday is a beach day and I will be going for swimming and jet ski and later in the evening to my business.

Saturday will be one hell of a day too. I need to go to my business and really look at the things that are making it collapse. I am so busy with my job that I hardly get time to look at my business. I really need to give it more time and make some positive decisions. Sometimes I feel sad thinking that being a son of a successful business man I shouldn't be failing.

Wish me luck and prayers :)


Anonymous said…
jouja entay em6ay7a mene ?

J o u j a™ said…
bs ashwa feeh ashya2 fun :D
inshallah you will be fine with ur business and you wont fail and ur dad will be proud of you sweets :D
J o u j a™ said…
Anonymous -
LOL , shakla el 7al men ba3'6ah ;p
Anonymous said…
jouja: lol you act like there is a race going on here to be 1st :D

Anonymous: lol you will be soon too :)

jouja: thanks sweets...I need the prayers :)
J o u j a™ said…
yes we used to shotgun gabel and race who would comment 1st;p. specially zizotime, who is no longer a blogger :(
Big Pearls said…
nothing better than being busy..have fun:)
Technogal said…
Wish you all the luck, and inshallah you'll never ever fail! enjoy the shooting and forget about the business stuff today.
Fashionated said…
never think of failing, stay positive on inshala everything will work itself out :)
Mar8adoosh said…
Have fun bil shooting oo il swimming ;p

Gd luck in your business oo don't worry inshalla it won't collapse :)

Our prayers with toi ! ;D
Anonymous said…
jouja: looool

ghadoor: thanks :)

big pearls: but this is crazy!!

technogal: thanks :) thats my aim to forget it all while shooting or I wont enjoy it!!

fashionated: Inshallah...I used to be positive till negativity striked me :D

mar8adoosh: thanks for the prayers!
good luck bro
i wish you all the best...o inshallah everything will work out great for you :)

stay positive though :)
Bebe n' Noonie said…
Have fun w goodluck
Allah esahil 3alaik inshalla!
MuLaN said…
la teth'36 3la nfsk wayd,enjoy ur weekend et bonne chance in your bussiness =)
Balqees said…
dude ya5i i commented tra :S

wen alcomment 7agi
and it was a sweet one kman wallah LS
yooh bsm allah :S

heya 3shan mako my first comment ma ra7 aktb shay .....




<< that e writing nothing tra :P
get it ??
funny :P
Squirreliya said…
better busy than empty having nothing to do!
kella met2a5er said…
Ha dude..shaklik em6ayyi7 belshooting range halyoumein!! LoL

Im going next week with my father..and we might buy guns..somebody told us that they do sell them there if you have a license..

I wish you best luck bro in your business inshallah...Allah m3ak 7beeb =)
Anonymous said…
Good luck! :)

Being busy is much better than having nothing to do.
Vixen said…
good luck Amu : ) hope you have fun as well!
Navy Girl said…
hey i commented too oo my comment is not there !!!!!! @@
Good luck!
I need to practice my shooting too! :D
PaLoMiNo said…
Good Luck papa ;***
Anonymous said…
thanks for the luck everyone!! I really needed that I did get to finish alot of work so that was good.

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