Is this you?

Hey Amu

I got this from a friend… couldn’t help relating this to you… wonder if its you!



Shocked!!! I didn't know what to reply and Navy/Fem were not that great help at that time when I was screaming I got Busted!!! HELPppPPP so I click Reply

Mmmmm eeeeee oooooooo ‘Yes’

Ssssshhhhhhh no one knows about that *secret* :)


xxxx replied:

I thought so …. Good piece, straight from the heart.

We all are anonymous here but someone somewhere is watching and relating our stories to someone!

Note: This is an email conversation between me and a colleague at work I could not lie and say 'NO it wasn't me', I consider her both a great sister and good friend and as far as I know she is not a blogger.


Feminist™ said…
hehe ,, i didnt help huh :@ ;p
i told you to say yes and thats what you did , ya3ni i helped ;p
maintaining your anonymity in a tiny countrylike kuwait is a challenge. so shinsawy?? we just live with it! ;)
Grey said…
lol ! now what you gonna do? Quit or Embrace?
Amethyst said…
I got busted countless times;p
Navy Girl said…
amuoooooo anaaaaaaa NO HELP ? ooo at all b3d ??? ya shagooooool :D wala i told you exactly what to do bs enta mako fayda shsawy anaaaaaaa :D
kella met2a5er said…
Wulla you shouldnt say it, bas enta 9aree7 zyada 3allizoom dude!! LooL

Its ok..I dont think she will talk...

Navy....bassich badleyyat!! " bas enta mako fayda shasawy"... xD
Mar8adoosh ;* said…
I think it's really great that you are exactly who you are on and off the screen ;p (sounds like your on tv or something ;p)but I mean ya3ni 7ilo inna you are you ;p
Navy Girl said…
lol shsawy papa 3oood always mthy3aaa ana ;P
Anonymous said…
Anon: :D

Feminist: is that what u call help? :p

Dandooon: yes we have to live with it :)

Grey: I wont quit!!

Amethyst: you should post about that :P

Navy: No all the help was from u :P

KM: lol she read this post too :D

Mar8adoosh: lol @ sounds like i am on a TV...I guess its maybe cuz I am too honest :)
kella met2a5er said…
LOooooooooooooooooooooooooL..OK that mean she got the msg dude ;p

GooD job man xD
Mar8adoosh said…
Honest is good.. we need more amu's ;p
Anonymous said…
KM: hehe well I am sure even without it she wont spill it out. I can trust her :)

Mar8adoosh: thanks :) whats ur blog address? are u a blogger?
Big Pearls said…
interesting conversation:)
OutOfReach said…
i know its annoying sometimes bas 3adi i guess :S
Mar8adoosh said…
np :) I don't have one :( Ma3ana I want to have one to write down everything in my head cuz it's a lot and it makes me go yrlweaigfkerhdbfrdeh,fbsdf (crazy :p)
Anonymous said…
Mar8adoosh: Ahhh yalla come and join us so u can spill it all out :) so shall I say welcome to blogsphere :D
Bebe & Noonie said…
looool ;p i know this friend she has a blog bs moo ra'6ya tgooli shnu :S my mission now is to find out who she is !;P
Anonymous said…
well zain sawait .. so far after knowing ur blog for a VERY long time i can assure u that inik kamil wil kamil allah : D
seriously mashallah ur kind, gentle, honest, romantic, caring, helpful, devoted to ur loved ones, intelligent, friendly, and most important t5af rabik ..(u name it)
allah ytamim 3alaik o yzeedik : ) ameen.
Anonymous said…
ana '6aya3t!! ya3ni the guy in the picture is not you? :p
Aurous said…
It guess this shows that "blogger you" is the same as "real you"
you've gotta learn to be slick and cunning like yours truly ;)

come over and I'll give you some free lessons ;)
Ansam said…
Like dandoon said... maintaining your anonymity in a tiny country like kuwait is a challenge... but I would rephrase it to: maintaining your anonymity on the internet is a challenge... sending an email is like sending a post card if you know what i mean :-)
Mar8adoosh said…
Thanx a lot :)

Well guess what ;p I have a blog now .. I did it after reading your comment and after some encouragement from my sister ;p

Help me with all this I'm new ;p
Ms Loala said…
It is a very small world indeed.
Anonymous said…
bebe: 7aram 3alech dont dig into her...let her feel good about it!

Anon: thanks for the good words :)

Harlow: is close to me :P

Aurous: mm yes!!

Disturbed Stranger: when can I come? ;p

Ansam: I agree!

Mar8adoosh: Welcome to blogsphere :)

Ms Loala: Indeed it is...
Smarties said…
a7s 7eta etha shakait eb a7ad, ma as2ela.. as long as enna ohwa ma qal 3endy blog or something!! ya3ny 7beit jur2t'ha w ely 9ej 7beita zyada enek 9aree7 w qelt yes :) m3ana as'hal shai say no w 5ala9!

zain sawait, w 3sa allah y7af9'ek enshallah.
Navy Girl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bebe & Noonie said…
it wasn't bebe who wrote that comment btw..;p
Anonymous said…
HI AMU! :D *waves*

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