Vacation Riddle - Can you solve it?

I soar without wings,

I see without eyes.

I've traveled the universe to and fro.

I've conquered the world,

yet I've never been anywhere but home.

Who am I?

Note: Some bloggers come very close to the answer but this time I need the exact word or sentence so I can pick up one who is has answered it right :)


Sis said…
Anonymous said…
nunu said…
hahaha this one remindes me of a silly essay i wrote back in high school that the teacher loved :p! I`ll say: imagination! (all I got in this boring place called "work" )!
Anonymous said…
I'm your imagination. :)

I read this somewhere ages ago, I love riddles!
Sis said…
why is it always with me, that I get so close to the answer but not the word like nunu.:)

As bro has decided never to compliment me, I shall say for myself, my imagination is better than evreybody here, so I imagine things beyond the answer though they always revolve around it.

Navy Girl said…
i'm not even close :P

i have no idea i just woke up .. maybe i'll think of that later :P
Anonymous said…
well the right answer is what NuNu has written :) 'Imagination"

thanks to all as well, I am away and then net is really slow so I will comment everyone when I am back.

R: you are right too. welcome to my blog :)

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