Flushed Away

This is what happend with my travel plans. After planning for all the business meeting in London and USA, I finally got to know that they don't have a budget to pay for it. Screw them!!! I work in a multinational company and if they won't have the budget then who will? And why are you sending me the invitation letters and hotel bookings in the first place if you don't have a budget?

ewww my mood is all :/

So I decided I will be taking a personal vacation and going to USA, Canada and London in October.....


Chroma-Trauma said…
Now, That's annoying. I don't blame your frustration. It's their company, if they are going to lose a deal, It's their problem.

Just make sure, you have an amzing time when you plan yor own holiday.
Dynamic Deeds said…
awwww.. I'm sorry to know hear that! it is so frustrating especially after getting all the paper work done!

It is their LOSS... Remember ur birhtday is coming soooon and you will be going to a BREATHTAKING place. InSHALLAhhh!! =D
Anonymous said…
chroma-trauma: I know it is :/ but who cares I will be going myself in october :D and I have a trip coming up next week to the land of mountains :)

dynamic deeds: Oh!!! yaaa you still remember my birthday is coming,hehe....when I think about the place I am going next week I forget the LOSS :)
Navy Girl said…
oh sorry to hear that ! yalla enjoy in OCT. !

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