Travel Plans

The pictures says it all :)

I will be travelling end of this month for a week. It will be a short break but I am really looking forward to it. I am a person who prefers more of short breaks. I really wonder how can people leave their country and go for vacation for more than a month. I will be visiting alot of mountain regions and a few earth quate devastated area's. I am really excited about it and will be posting alot of pictures when I am back. I guess thats a b'day gift for me from my parents. They want to take me to this beautiful hotel in between the mountains and celebrate my day there. I am more excited about the place than the day I turn a year older.


sis said…
yeah(good for u)...happy birthday :/
Navy Girl said…
oh its your b'day next week ?? meta ?? :D

enjoy your right .. have lots of fun :P
Anonymous said…
sis: thanks :)

navy girl: mmmm I am not travelling next week, the week after :) my b'day I would say keep checking my profile the day it changes my age :P that day is my b'day, hehe
Wild_Mare said…
Short break
Visiting mountain regions

Wonderful package for a B'day Mashala

Happy Birthday and Bon voyage :)
Anonymous said…
wild_mare: It's indeed a great one!
Thanks and Welcome to my Blog..
Dynamic Deeds said…
Happy birthday in advance and cannot wait to see the pics!

and like navy girl said "have lots of fun =P"

Anonymous said…
dynamic deeds: thanks :)
Navy Girl said…
huh your so mean .. can't you just say it :P

sis help me out :P
Anonymous said…
navy girl: I am not mean, me me me me angel :p hehehe

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