Family versus Career

<--- this is my star and ^^ that is my problem. Why do we women always have to hang in this scale? Equal justice b/w home and work. I don't know how many here have a family. By that I don't mean father and mother, coz they r the ones who pamper us and make everything in our life so easy without us knowing the existance of this scale. By family I mean husband and children. Have u ever imagined what a regular day is like in a married and working woman's life?

If she's a worshipper, she'l wake up at fajr for prayers, then probabaly get ready for work, wake her children n husband, dress the kids, make breakfast for the whole family, drop the kids to work (I badly needed a full stop here). Then work work work till 2/3 pm, go to pick up kids, prepare lunch and put the children for an afternoon nap/ school homework time(yes another full stop). Spend some time with the kids n husband uptill 6 pm and then prepare dinner, put children to bed and give husband some company before going to sleep (finally the last one).

Can u imagine everyday routine as hectic as this. Most of u might have maids but does that make it any easier?? I don't think so. It helps having a helping hand but u can't say u rule the world with this schedule.

And if we plan to drop one of our family/career? We will be davastated before we reach a desicion. It's a tough life for women out there and it's a tough desicion. For those of u keeping up with both... I(and u better join me in this) give a THUMBS UP!!! Yes, it's not mothers day nor womens day, but it should be one everyday in our lives.:)

Before leaving,below is, Voted Women's Favorite Email of the Year

A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife
Stayed home.
He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed:
"Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home.
I want her to know what I go through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen.
God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish.
The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman.
He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids,
Set out their school clothes, fed them breakfast,packed their lunches,
Drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners
And stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping,
Then drove home to put away the groceries, Paid the bills and balanced the checkbook.
He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog.Then it was already 1 P.M. And he hurried to make the beds,Do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the
kitchen floor.
Ran to the school to pick up the kids and got into an argument with them on the way home.
Set out milk and cookies and got the kids organized to do their homework,
Then set up the ironing board and watched TV while he did the ironing.
At 4:30 he began peeling potatoes and washing vegetables for salad, Grilled the steaks and snapped fresh beans for supper.
After supper, he cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, folded Laundry, bathed the kids, and put them to bed.
At 9 P.M. He was exhausted and, though his daily chores weren't finished, he
went to bed where he was Expected to make love, which he managed to get
through without complaint.
The next morning, he awoke and immediately knelt by the bed and said,
Lord, I don't know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife's being
Able to stay home all day. Please, oh please, let us trade back."
The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied, "My son,I feel you have learned Your lesson and I will be happy to change things back to the way they were.
You'll just have to wait nine months, though. You got pregnant last night."

Cheers!...Sis(P.s. I am not a feminist!!)


eshda3wa said…
its the eternal argument isnt it

i believe every woman should work

because if u dont and u just stay home and dont have a life independant from ur family u will eventually drive urself and then ur kids nuts!

and why should the woman be the one waking up preparing everything
theres a partner
if u work together, ie, one day u wake up n prepare everything
the next day he does
i think u will find that balance alot easier

then again im not married
i dont have children

so i can never really understand it
Anonymous said…
eshda3wa, you made that seem to simple and easy. In the real world, it's hard to get your husband to do anything for you. He barely helps the kids with their homeworks!

I don't really know. But this is a topic which we cannot escape from. Everybody has duties. I guess we are created as females and those duties are attached to us.

I only think that this can be controlled by our decisions and choices. For example, not getting married or getting married and rasie a family and be a housewife. As for those working mothers, I salute you all! It's something I can never manage to keep up.
Dynamic Deeds said…
You go sis ;) it is my star sign too! WE ROCK =P

I honestly admire people who try balance between their career and family. It is hard to attain and maintain that balance.

So far, I have a year to graduate from uni..I don't work and husbandless! =P
But I think if I were able to have perfect both, why not. As long as I'm not forgeting my duties as a mother and a wife first! I personally would prefer to work for a period of time, and I would stop if I wasn't good in handling da pressure!
Navy Girl said…
this is simple really just like men are allowed to work .. woman are .. they just make up their mind to do whatever they think is right .. or the right thing for them .. a hubby should be helpfull .. which is really rare around here .. but thats what marriage is all about .. helping eachother .. not doing everything by your own !!
Sis said…
hey girls...I think bro's gonna come back to find a whole new pink blog..with the Banner..GIRL POWER RULES!!!
eshda3wa: I am sure u can do that if u have an understanding hubby esp. if he is well educated, he'd understand all these issues pretty well.

sara shuaibi:u really can have both of them career n family but it needs a lot of hard work and co-operation b/w husband n wife. If ur husband has some exp. of living on his own (to earn a degree, or for work), he'd be much more flexible to help u.

dynamic deeds: u still in uni??!! Wow..enjoy ur last year, lady, u won't get this time back again. U don't even need to think abt this post. Just relax, enjoy uni and being with ur family. These shall be the most cherished moments of ur life.(If u and me have the same star, and some what similar personalities, then surely take my advice):):)

navy girl: exactly! Just let ur mom know what qualitites ur looking for in ur future hubby, n I am sure she'l do the rest:)
Navy Girl said…
future hubby moi ?? oh hell nooo .. i dont wana any lol :D not that way at least !!
Chroma Trauma said…
Marriage requires sacrifices from both partners .. 20 years ago, they lived their lives without boundaries and their mothers made sure they had the best of everything, but when the 2 meet, they start their own life. A new life where they create it's foundation and build the walls together. It's not easy and would require hard work but who said that marriage is easy and play all along?? It's hard and that's why you need to think about it before going through with it. If you are ready and he's ready as well, both of you will put 200% into it because you want it to work and you want to succeed.
About balancing between your family and career?
It's not easy, but if the partners agreed from the beginning who's going to do this and who will do that, it won't be a major problem, It's all about planning and sharing responsibilities.
I wouldn't ,on the other hard, sacrifice my career, I'm not selfish but I know life in unpredictable and I'm a girl and my job is my only investment in my life if things didn't work out (allah la yeqolah )but I would take 2/3 years off for my children if that was needed though.
Sis said…
well said chroma trauma! If u do this from the start it can be easier later when u have children. But if u don't put ur husband in this habit of sharing responsibilities, it can be difficult later.

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