And ......

And his name is AMU and he is.....well,, U have to guess his age!


Sis said…
Well, I shall be first to present u a present..hehehe

U get a big sisssy kiss on ur cheek!!! YES!! U can't run away today, I'l catch u !!!

Ha Ha Ha

Why do brothers always run away from sister's love:(
OutOfReach said…
Happy Birthday to0 you cha cha cha :P
wish you a wonderful life
filled with love and happiness:)
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Amu! :D My gift will come to you from Bahrain. :P

Is he 26 now? Gosh! I can see all the white hair on his head already! HEHE... ;P
Sis said…
To all of u giving him best wishes..I think it'l be better that he replies himself. That he shall on Thursday, Inshallah
Navy Girl said…
wish him a very happy b'day for me ;)
Canc3riaN said…
H.A.P.P.Y.....B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.............T.O.......A.M.U....... !!!

3o8BAL EL 5amseeen MALYOOON. Have an INCREDDDDIBLE year with AMAZING achievements and LOTS of LOTS of LOTS OF excitement inshalla ;)

uffffff shoo raykom you send me a piece of cake by Aramex to Dubai :(

Ab'3Y CAKE !!! lol
Dynamic Deeds said…


I really hope you've been enjoying your trip ;) you deserve it. And I wish you not just a happy birthday but a happy life with friends and family. Allah ey5leek elhum!

SIS, Wallah that is so sweet of you!!! can you be my sis?=P my birthday is coming on september andddd it is going to be on RAMADAN! lol!
Anonymous said…
sis: thanks:) weee3 I don't need that kiss :/

outofreach: thanks and lol@ cha cha cha,hehe

cece: Why have you changed your name S...? thanks :) *shsshhh don't count the hair, eat the cake :p*

navy girl: thanks :) it's nothing to celebrate I am a year older,hehe

canc3rian: lol @ 5amseeen MALYOOON, you think I will live that long? you can take my age :) lol you should have told me an hour early I am leaving abu dhabi now, would have sent you one from here,hehe

dynamic deeds: thank you so much :), don't worry we will make your day special :) and ya I have 3 you can take this sis :p
Ms Loala said…
Happy birthday :P
o 3ogbal 10000 sena inshalla ..
Sis said…
sure dynamic, I can be ur sis too, just let me post on ur blog,hehehhe

And I shall post a birthday party for u.:)
Sis said…
Yeah dynamic, he's giving me away to u right now, but ask him which sis he loves the most out of his 3!!

Ofcourse it's MEE!!!

This is hw generous he is, giving u what he loves so much..sweet Bro Habibi.
Mabrooooook..wo kel 3aam we enta bealf 5air...I hope ur excited about entering the second half of 20s...best of luck and we'll follow soon...lol
Canc3riaN said…
Amu: LooooL you were in AbuDhabi ?? Walla nawwart el emarat ! hehe laykoon you didn't pass by Dubai. If you didn't then 3aib 3alaik!! tra ana w DEEDEE w sugar-free sweety are here! lol

Navy Girl said…
laaa there is always a party !! 7eta looo 2 person party :P
bb q8 said…
amu, all the very best for your new year! congrats. (even though it's a bit late, i hope you enjoyed the day);)
Anonymous said…
esh3adwa: thanks

ms_loala: enshallah :D o thanks

sugar-free: No I am not :( mom wants me to get married,hehe

canc3rian: yes I was there in transit for 2 hours :) thanks

navy girl: ahem ahem 2 persons party :)

bb_q8: cheers mate :)
Chroma-Trauma said…
Oh.. 7adi late..

Happy birthday.. Ensha'aalh everything you wished for, will come true and hopefully you continue to have a healthy life ( After this flue/fever episode) and a happy/wonderful (It shows from your sister behaviour) family..
Navy Girl said…
eeeeeeee which means ena if its only one .. ma y9eer :P

dont get me wrong ya shagool :P
and why won't you get married......lol..its about time....hehehe
The Criticizer said…
Happy B-day yal shayeb. :P

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