Harry Harry Harry when will you die mate?

I don't know how many over here are fans of Harry Potter,HP. But definetely not all. In the past few days, since the book came out, I have read some of the most thought provoking alegations against Potter. Not from Snape , though, but from some of my net friends.

Talking abt the last bok of Jk Rowling. I couldn't wait to buy one in Kuwait. So got the Pirated copy from the net. I have been reading it day and night since the past 3 days. And my Bro knows that pretty well.

For Potter fans out there, it's a continuation of the same magical power they had experienced 6 times before. Infact, Rowling doesn't give away all the secrets until the end. The novel puts your patience to test. But u can always read the pros of the novel in history.

I'd like to note some of it's cons. Firstly, I felt the whole mystry of the dethly hallows and horcruxes, unravelled at the end was soo confusing. Secondly, the end was like Indian movies. The villian is shot dead by the hero, he gets married to his love, has children and live happily ever after.

I think, I'd have prefered him dead. I as a reader felt that Potter got too manychances to get away from Voldemort just like another Indian movie hero. HarryPotter!

Note: This post is posted here by me but the writter is my Sis except the 'Title' so she will reply to all your comments for this post as I am not a book person and won't be even if I live a hundred years :)


Anonymous said…
Ekh! I Hate how people are crazy over it.
Navy Girl said…
alright amu sis .. how are you :D

i had it with the harry thingy .. i'm going this friday to know why you guys are soo into it .. its for kids !!

i wonder when is he going down !! :P
Anonymous said…
fayoora: Join my team :) I hope nunu is not reading that,hehe

Navy_Girl: good tell me how boring it was ? :p
Sis said…
To tell the truth Nunu, the books r much much better than the movies. But the movies aren't bad either.

And yes I am fine n how r u?

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