Driving in Kuwait ?

This is the accident that I saw on the 6th Ring Road going to work today morning. I wonder how this happened? The head of this truck is on the other side of the road and the rest part on the road thats going to Jahra. What speed must he be driving that the vehicle skid off the road hit the cement barrier and went to the other side. Driving here is crazy, makes me scared and think that I should get off the 200km/hr mark I am on every day.
I know I drive fast but in seven years I only had 1 bad accident which was my mistake. I guess I am better than people who are having 6 in 2 years, hehe. I know how and where to control my speed. I don't drive like those maniac on our streets but sometime I admit I go really wild. But thats only once in a blue moon.


Sis said…
Once in a blue moon u droe me from the cenima in sharq to my crying baby in (well...the other end of the world) so fast and yet safe. I trust ur driving skills more than Mr husband.:)
If you thought that was bad, then you should see the crazy driving on Emirates Road here in Dubai....wallah they are lunatic...el7amdolelah so far I've been in only one accident and it wasn't my fault as I was hit from the behind...regarding the issue of speeding I can only recall our Arabic class slogan.." Drive like hell and you will get there soon"...lol...I just can't get my university out my head..hehehe
Anonymous said…
7elwa .. Once in a blue moon ! :P

Driving is an ART like i said before
Not anyone's an artist. =D
Navy Girl said…
i'm an artist :D driving fast is what i do i can't give it up .. bs now everyone is trying to be an artist thats why there are so many accidents !!
Anonymous said…
sis : I know :)

sugar-free sweetie: hehe my friend too me there last time they go crazy there and he also took me to a long road where they show all their skills, sorry I dont rem the name of the road.

fayoora: Indeed it is an ART :)

Navy_Girl: ya ya ya ya not better than me, everytime I ask you to come on the track you get scared of me,hehe
Navy Girl said…
heeeeeeeeey i was just afraid to hurt your feeling by beating u up :P but you know what ur on boy bring it on :P

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