3 Hours of waiting and 2 Mins to process

Even though I love travelling but I hate waiting in the long lines of visa applicants. And to all those people who jump queues I feel like dragging them out and kicking them. I wonder why people don't have patience here.

Today morning I reached British Embassy at 8:15AM. My number was 48. I thought that it shouldn't take long but to my surprise I had to wait 3 hours. Why??

Because, there are employee's from the travel agents and they have a bag full of passport, I am not joking one big bag with atleast 15 - 25 passports. Why can't they have a seperate queue for people with that many passports? I feel bad for the aged Kuwaiti men and women who were sitting there with one or two passports and had to wait like 2 hours before their turn comes.

Its funny to see how some personnel's from the military services tried to jump the queue and they were asked to wait or leave. I loved that part! Atleast one place in kuwait where there is no wasta :pPp

Finally my turn came at 10:45Am and after checking my papers I was asked to come the next day to collect my passport, which took no more than 2 mins.

What a hectic job to start your day with....


Anonymous said…
Nothing beats the Spanish embassy, they only process a limited number of passports per day.

Come at 8am, no entry, already reached daily passport quota.

Come next day at 6am, no entry, people in front of you already fill daily passport quota.

Come next day at 4am, you get entry if you are lucky.

When lucky, enter embassy at 8am, get a number and wait for your turn.

After waiting, your turn comes at around 1pm.

Process application in 2 minutes, receive your passport the next day.
Sis said…
What!!!! 4am -1pm??
Dynamic Deeds said…
The long process really puts me off. Okay I would try to understand that in the summer they would be really busy but still it just applying and shouldn't take long.
They know that many people from this region travel to europe in season, they should atleast make it easy by hiring more people to get the job done. Or atleast be more organized!

Lool@ the wasta part. Yeah it doesn't work in such places =P for it means nothing to them!
Anonymous said…
Oh! I suffered more in 2003 when I wanted to make me an American visa. It took me 2 hours standing under the heat of the sun. And when it was my turn, I was being asked many silly questions. At that time it was kinda hard to get an American visa because of that September 11 thing. I don't know if it's as the same now. But, it was worth the wait. Chicago rocked!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: WoW that was too long, I just hope that wait was worth it! I have to visit the american embassy too, I hope thats better...

Sis: Yes, why you cant wait that long? :p

dynamic deeds: I agree with you and today they just had two counters open when I left over a 100 people were still waiting..

sara shuaibi: I will be visiting that place next week or after I come back from my vacation, I hope its better, I can't take the heat.

Welcome to my Blog Sara :)
Anonymous said…
Oh! I am sure you will love it in Chicago. When I was there the weather was hot, but not as hot as Kuwait. :)

Bon voyage!
bb q8 said…
amu, glad you got so far.- without wasta! i hate the wasta system, really! especialy at goverment offices.. ordinary people have to wait their turns, while people with wasta get helped first.. not fair!
anyway, enjoy the preparation, it's part of the vacation..
Ms Loala said…
Glad you survived :P
I hate it when people skip the queue too :\
Anonymous said…
Sara Shuaibi: Thanks!

bbq8: It was part of business meetings...not any more :(

ms_loala: Ya I am still alive :) I did skip the queue when I went to pickup my passport though :P it just happened, didn't mean to do it :)
At least you are done with this harsh process....now its time for me to say HAVE A NICE AND SAFE TRIP bro *_^

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