Internet connection, laptop or What ?

There is something not right with my laptop today. Everytime I click on any of the internet links it takes me to eshda3wa's blog. It's really annoying as I can't do any work or have access to any of the sites. I don't know whether its my internet connection or something wrong with my windows. I just hope my laptop is not affected with any virus. I don't like such issues first thing in the morning when you have a long day to go at work. I guess it's just not my day today.


Dynamic Deeds said…
Emm.. That's really weird =S !!

Did you try to restart? Perhaps delete the cookies and URLS?

I hopppppppe your laptop gets well soon (F)!!
Navy Girl said…
LOL 7elwa DD :P

restart it ooo if it didn't work out fine get another one :P
Anonymous said…
dynamic deeds: eee did everything but still not ready to work...Sallamat poor laptop :D

navy girl: thanks for remindig me as according to my laptop contract I should be getting another one now every 2 years. I need to contact them today.

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