Beautiful Pictures

Here are some beautiful pictures, I might be visiting some of these places when I go for a short vacation end of this month.


Anonymous said…
can you please tell me ,where ?
it look soo peacefull and wonderfull. thanks
Anonymous said…
Dynamic Deeds said…

breathtaking Mashalla, and I must agree with Anonymous it does look so PEACEFUL! loved it!!

Anonymous said…
anonymous: thanks, I hope I get to relax. Its the Kashmir side in Pakistan. It's dangerous with the situation there at present I guess but who cares :)

dynamic deeds: Breathtaking really! I am more excited now,hehe, kela waaaaaaaaaainn? patience girl(joking) so now you know it! my parents on my birthday are taking me out for a week :)
SIs said…
It's the upper part of Pakistan, which can include Kashmir or Sarhad (NWFP), even parts of Baluchistan meeting the Afghanistan region have same regions of high mountains and green areas. In short, out of 5 provinces of Pakistan, 4 of them have scenary like this (including Punjab). The only one which is desert arid land is Sindh, the province where the biggest city of Karachi is and is called "The Gateway of Islam" in the subcontinent.:)
Dynamic Deeds said…
That's nice, lovely scenary1!

Enjoy ;) I wish you a very safe fun happy trip! =D
Ms Loala said…
The place is wonderful, but the country is not stable :\
Anonymous said…
sis: Thanks for the history :p

dynamic deeds: thanks hun :)

ms loala: I know its not stable :( but I wanted to really go to a place which is Breathtaking, something different from europe..
WOW.....3ajeeeb mashallah....unfortunately its a war zone area, I've been to India many times before...but visiting the Indian part of khashmir is out of question.
Chroma-Trauma said…
Sub7aan Al-allah, in my mind, I kept saying .. It's Lahore in Pakistan.. I saw a couple of pictures that were breathtaking and I loved it. The fact that the area is not as safe as I wanted it to be, won't allow to travel there. 10 years ago, my uncle travelled Pakistan and most of the -stan countries in 4 months and he loved it. It's one of these journeys that you won't forget for the rest of your life. Have a safe journey and be careful
Anonymous said…
sugar-free sweetie: sej 3ajeeb.. :)

chroma-trauma: It's breathtaking, I hope it all goes well with the present situation :)

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