The Attrocities By Maids or On Maids

Maid jailed for serving up urine

An Indonesian maid has been jailed for six days in Hong Kong for serving her boss a cup of water containing urine, a newspaper reported Wednesday.


A recent surge in crimes by maids is seen in newspapers today. In the past one year, I have read abt maids murdering their sponsors children, trying to kill their sponsors, hitting children brutally, running from home, envolved in adultry etc
However, this ,unfortunately, is just one side of the story.

On the other side the newspapers are equally filled with news of maids commiting suicide, being raped, murdered, physically tortured, etc

I have also seen some home keepers who live like equals in their sponsors homes, treated exceptionally well.

I beleive that the majority of these crimes arise due to sponsors' ill behaviour with their house keepers. Though, a lot of people around me, who have maids, say the opposite.

Sri Lanka fights threatened beheading of teen maid in Saudi Arabia over death of infant

Now my question is : How can we stop this injustice (not the above in particular but in general)?


Reema said…
In order for change to occur people's mentalities to this issue must change first and sadly i don't see that happening.
Chroma-Trauma said…
Unfortunately, every coin has 2 sides and this principle is applied to everything in our lives which includes ‘Maids’. In the past, having a maid was a privilege that households appreciate. At the moment, a maid is a sign of luxurious life, If you don’t have a maid, you are poor. Superficial but that’s how this society look at its own people.
Maids as all of us know, travel long distances to work in stranger’s house so that they can earn a living and support their family back in their home country. They do need help to adjust to their new surroundings and time as well to feel safe and secure. Treating them with respect is a must, you don’t own them, and they are paid to do a job just like us. On the other hand, It can be very traumatic for maids to adjust to their new life, especially if she was a mother. They should be interviewed to see if they are fit to travel and work abroad.

The injustice is not from the employee’s side, it can be due to lack of preparation from the maid’s agency.
Navy Girl said…
ummm i dont think we can stop it since there is sick ppl everywhere .. how can anyone do such thing !! i hate this !!
Anonymous said…
I am not sure how this could be stopped. It's not easy. Although I agree with you in a way that most of the faults come from the sponsors.

I guess we all have to treat each other equally no matter what.
bb q8 said…
it's a cruel, cruel world!!
Sis said…
yes's an unjust world!
eshda3wa said…
i really do believe in the most part its how u treat ur own house helpers

if u expect them to take care of ur house and children, then u better take care of them.

u mite be unfortunate to end up with a bad person no matter which way u treat them, but i do believe the goodness of ur heart reflects on them

its a very big social problem, and we have to tackle it individually before we can tackle it on a general stage
Dynamic Deeds said…
Sometimes a "good sponsor" end up with a bad housekeeper.
Sometimes "good housekeeper" end up with bad sponsor!

I've read in 7days (some silly tabliod here in the UAE) by september their will be a hotline for abused maids to call and it will be implemented all across the GCC countries.
Sis said…
BBC radio is going to have a programme dedicated to the maids trapped in hostile condition, away from their home, everyday from 1st August at 9:00 am.

I'l share something that I saw in my area hospital. I was there to get my daughter's check up done n I see this beautiful, pretty, baby in a Philipino maid's lap. This baby was in all way hers. She looked exactly like her mother the Philipino maid. I call her a maid coz she was dressed like one n was sitting right next to an Arab lady (probably her sponsor). The cutest thing was that, the Arab lady was kissing n loving the baby even more than her own mother. She was rocking the baby when she cried, kissing her hands, n calling her adorable names.

I wonder how many sponsors let their maids have their own lives, let them get married n have children (while they r working) and in addition, love their kids like their own.
Dynamic Deeds said…
My cousin's have little Alex in their family. He is 6, he goes to school here, travel with them in the summer. =P
Alex's father works in my cousin's father's business, and Alex's mother works as a housekeeper. =D
Sis said…
dynamic deeds, u just gave me what I was looking for. A confession that ppl like this do exist...:)
Worth appreciation, very few have this big heart!

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