How many of us remember the above logo of MIRC? ? For me, I am using this chatting software since 1998 before I moved to London.

I remember having a huge craze for chatting back then when I first got my internet connection after my parents approval. They never agreed on me having internet at home as they thought it has a bad effect on the kids. Well it does beacause when I got my connection I started chatting :pPp Soo there you go...... :D The craze of chatting is so bad that you can spend hours and you won't feel like moving away from it especially when you are chatting to an opposite sex. I am writting this post and laughing because it reminds me the amount of lies people are on about there. It's a totally new world of people that you see there.

So, my question here is how many of us are into chatting? Do you think it's good or bad? Do you think people chat for fun or other activities? What's the motive behind chatting? If you chat alot..how many hours do you spend daily/weekly? Do people end up in relationships from there?


Dynamic Deeds said…
I never used MIRC, LOL! I was allowed to have an ICQ, (because I can monitor and control who I was chatting with).

I was into chatting with my cousins and friends whom I knew in real life. I wasn't and still not into the whole chat with a stranger thing, because I believe they never last long and if they did they'd develop into something else especially if your chatting with someone of the opposite sex.

I used to enter forums, I used to use ICQ and Moved to MSN..=P It's more private and less hectic !
My internet craze as the days go byyyyyy it get less and less!
During my uni days I use the net for university purposes, in the summer now I use it for blogging and reading things and watching shows on u-tube! No chats =P
Sis said…
I don't like it anymore, but I was an addict once in a lifetime!
Anonymous said…
dynamic deeds: my craze is already gone, after spending 8 hours at work I have no urge of sitting on it again, unless I miss my fellow bloggers their lovely posts or to reply the comments on my blogs :)

Welcome to my blog!

sis: I know that,hehe
Navy Girl said…
I used to love chatting .. there is this part of me that love to be around people and talk to everyone … even in real life .. bs here around the net I started to hate it especially MIRC .. men are only there to talk either about S** or about getting to know you in that kinda way .. or girls hitting on other girls ambeeh grow up !! I wanted to have one decent conversation about the world about politics about studies anything .. but not to date online .. I mean c’mon the first word they’d type is “ momkn nt3rf” GROW UP PEOPLE LOL :P
Anonymous said…
navy girl: looooooool @ 'momkn nt3rf'
Canc3riaN said…
hey lovely post AMU... and it's really interesting that we're all agreeing on the fact that we chat less with strangers and we have less interest in spending hours on chatting. If you asked me this questions five years ago I'd say " CHATTING IS COOOL AND FUN"... lol. I was the type of people who were careful while chatting but still considered myself an addict and used to chat with people from all around the world and of different ages. The oldest person I chatted with was an American woman aged 73. Don't know if she's alive now lol. But I have an online friend whom I'm astill in touch with ever since I was 15 years old. she's from El Salvador and we used to chat in spanish and english and we both were interested in each other's culture.

So anyway... we all agree that we are less interested in the chat world today... but ask your younger brothers and sister and you'll see that they are crazy about it just like how we once upon a time were.

Generations and the changes they go through ;)

Ps: I'm never bothered to chat in a random chatroom now.

Nice post again...:)
Navy Girl said…
Anonymous said…
canc3rian: thanks :) I know that we are over it but the younger generation coming now is still into chatting like we were once upon a time :D
Sis said…
Did somebody say we were growing old!!!!..I don't know abt others here..But me ....certainly NOT!!

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