Review Transformers

I watched this movie over the weekend. The movie is very good and I would recommend it to every movie lover who like action, animation and a good story. And after watching this movie I want to say if anyone of my readers is a fan of sports cars excluding Navy Girl :p, go for chevy camaro 2008. It's got the most sexiest looks according to me. Click here to visit the official site of Transformers.


Navy Girl said…
a7m a7m talking about me :P

is it any good ?? heard a lot about it ..
Anonymous said…
navy girl: I have to because you love speeding or I should say over speeding :p

The moving is WICKED! go and watch it and if you don't enjoy it I will pay back your ticket :P hehe
Navy Girl said…
meno speed mo ana la la :P

LOOOOOOL ... alright :P

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