YSL’s Touche Eclat For Men.

My friend NuNu is a cosmetic junkie but this is new to her so she shared with me. I seriously think it is so gay......Whats left after this for men to do now? Here is the link to the article.

Would you (or your man) wear Touche Eclat For Men?


Missy said…
waaaaaiiiiiiiiiii33333 not a chance in hell!!
Anonymous said…
Definitely ~~~

J o u j a™ said…
hell NO

bs he his body is HOT ;p
Balqees said…
i think they were made for gay ppl :P

are u gay amu ?? :P

well come to think ofit u want my sparkly girly wow crown
an now ur posting about makeup for men

need i ay more :P
Mar8adoosh said…
loooooooooool waaai3 ;p amu r u thinking about it ? haa ;p gool i9ij amu ;p bas i want to tell u that after marriage mako hasuwalif so NOw if u want u CAN bas b3dain no no no ;p
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
hatha 7g k7el wela councelor --duno spelling:P La ma yabeela for guys 3ad :/ bs good for actors:P
desertpalms said…
the guys even got nail varnish and eyeliner on! khatiya i thinks hes a lil confused LOOOOOOL
Ruby Woo said…
i don't want a man who mooches off my make-up.

what are they coming up with next time? Heels for men?
Sh7afana said…
weeeh weeh weeh.. reyayeel e7e6oon makeup.. SH7AGA!!
Anonymous said…
No, no, no and NO .. !

why the hell would he wear make-up = 0 ? g6ee3a !
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
'6ahir 7g Business
nabi en79al chm money then lets Make one for men (what am i saying well business is business) o la tanson akthar el make up artist madre shsma o fashion designers are gays.

( I hell don't know about make up that much )

bs madree laish 3ndy e7sas enna if you give it time, it will become a trend :S
q8Honey said…
Gay! ;s but i think it was made for those punks and emos or whatever.. yet again maybe it's for gays ;p
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOOL i would say no deep inside but because very one says no i say YESSSSSSS;P it would be cool having a gay husband!!! j/k j/k hehehehe
3anooda said…
LOL first thing i noticed ineh its supposed to be da3ayat YSL lakin the guy is weearing CK boxers??!!! shlon??
Amarantine said…
It's up to him, really! As long as it suits his complexion. I don't mind.
Anonymous said…
Missy: in hell;p laish?

ZaMaHReeR: LOL i was expecting that ;p

Anonymous: Eclat for men ;p

J o u j a™: please only for a night,hehe

A Journal Entry: so gay :D


Balqees: yes I am ur gay King - does that makes u feel better :D

Mar8adoosh: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ok so let me enjoy it now. *goes to the store to get the Eclat*

♥ P-Ella ♥: not even on actors it looks bad ;p

desertpalms: he is confused...he has lost it all ;p

Ruby Woo: OMG just imagine man in heels ;p

Sh7afana: cuz women have stopped using it :D

Anonymous: thats the fashion ;p

♥ P-Ella ♥ : well ur right..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: TREND!!! I hope not...

q8Honey: yeah maybe :)

MeeMzZ: LOL ur wish comes true;p

3anooda: hehe madry ;p I guess he is promoting two businesses :D
Charmbracelet said…
Is this da3ayat perfume ? Wela make make up? I dnt get it..=p
bs if its perfume w it smells good , laish la =P
Anonymous said…
Hell no!
Anonymous said…
regardless, this guy has a beautiful body if that can be said about a man. :P xx
Anonymous said…
what is the world coming to...
I think we've seen it all so far... mabiga shay!
aham shay!
If he does, a6ega im serious
Navy Girl said…
lol now thats so gay !

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