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Its the time of the year when most of us are fasting. I was just recalling some old days in the morning and thinking that was there a time when I broke my fast on purpose or cheated in fasting. Nothing that I recall when I was old but there are two incidents that I rem when I was young.

The first one was back in 80's when me and my cousin closed the room of our bed room and started eating biscuits.

The second one was in 1991 when I was really starving and my mom was like fine go and eat ;p and I didn't even think about it twice and started eating.

What about you? if you feel embarrassed to spill it out leave your comments as Anonymous....


Princess Famme said…
LOL .. Oh yeah we girls have our official breaks in Ramadan that would be funny if my brother saw me *I would freeze and say princess is sick with a sad face* and he’s too young to understand why am I eating and he can’t or maybe he knows but am too stupid to notice :P ok at that time we need to hid and eat LOL that was hilarious!!!
well i started fasting recently ;p
ya3ni bs like 8 yrs ago ;p
estaghfarallah awal madri shfeeni o el mushkila ahali sakteen 3ani 3balhum lel7een yahel ,, knt lazem arj3 men el madrsa bread and cheese o vimto ,, o yknoon rab3i bel metwase6 kilhum 9aymeen ela ana qaleeat el adab akel :P
MO3ATH said…
لوووووول خوش موضوع تصدق :)

انا سويتها قبل كنت انخش تحت الفراش وحييل بالبسكوت لا والقرطاس اخشه ومااقطه إلا بالليل لوووول تدري تمويه

حدها السالفه قديمه بس مااذكر شي بعدها :p

jouja الله بالخير لووووووول
Anonymous said…
Princess: I can imagine that scene!

Jouja: LOL@bread, cheese and vimto :D bil3afiya ;p

mo3ath: thanks :)I guess biscuit are part of all the stories :D
Smarties said…
lool.. ana somehow kent a5aaaf akil while am fasting!!!
madree mn omy? or ana cthe mu2adab zyada.. i dont know el 9ara7a ;P

bs athker eny kalait bl 3'ala6!
wayd 7ta mu shwaya, mn kether ma afaker bl akil w adree enna 3'ala6 to cheat.. wallah madree shlon mu5y yeqafel w la sh3oureyan arou7 akil! w b3deen opps!! ana 9ayem!! @@;

bs 3addee kent akamil 9yamy ;P
Aurous said…
I used to forget that I'm fasting sometimes and eat like it's not ramadan when I was a kid :p
and sometimes I would get jealous of my younger brother and start eating :)
Seattle dude said…
heheeeeee~ shameful moments.... i remember when i was in middle school i used to pretend that i was just washing my mouth and let a little bit of water slip and say ooops! :P im more "careful" these days hehe
J o u j a™ said…
hehe ye3afeek ;p

a5 mo3ath yooz 3anni ;p
la7gni wain ma aroo7 ;p
Big Pearls said…
I don't think I did cheat on purpose but I did forget one or two times when I was younger.
Anonymous said…
I don't remember anything like that..
Anonymous said…
Smarties: you have a low memory u keep forgetting things, ha? ;p

Aurous: lol thats a nice story...

Seatle Dude: I guess we all have done that sipping part at some point ;p

With Love: thanks...same to you! welcome here :)

Jouja: ;p

Amethyst: maybe you dont wana share ;p
icon said…
wow, I feel proud of myself when people confess about cheating while fasting. I have never cheated and I like fasting !!!! :S
A Journal Entry said…
la i've never cheated ;p
but i remember eating bil '3ala6!
desertpalms said…
i havnt eaten on purpose bas i remmber last year..the first day of ramdhan i forgot, when i woke up i started eating a kitkat..jus before i swallowed it, i remmbered it was ramdhan and started spitting it all out loool

i kept rinsing my mouth out a million times to make sure i didnt eat anything lool
Anonymous said…
w ilee kaan ysawe rou7a yetma'6ma'6 ib maay il7anafiyya bil7amam w yeshrab chinna ma yadre? :p laa w akammil 9yame !! madre age9 3ala meno :p ilmushkila enna wayid !! hatha '3air lamma aro7 ilma6ba5 3alabu bathog il akil w ashof etha yabeela mel7 (3bale ana il head chef) w aakil ni99a :p
Mar8adoosh said…
Allllaaaaa zikrayaaaaaty iyaaam i6ufoooleee iyaaamil 7anooooooneee 3al alb areeeebeeee (da3ayat nido ;p - i just felt it suits the mood ;p)

Ahh I used to drink water or juice or any drink lol but I won't eat ya3ni lol ya3ni 6al3a feha il i5t ;p

Once me and my sister forgot it was rmithan maybe 5 years ago or something so at school we were nthawishing about who was gona drink first min the baraada so ihya razat wayiha oo yat jidamy ;p that;s when i remembered it was rmithan ;p w iyha taby tishrab 7a6at may ib 7aljha i was like INTAY 9AYMA MA Y9EER TSHRIBEEN chan itafil maay oo tashrig oo ma stanisat nyahaha (6) na7aaaaasaaaa mu ? ;p
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOL...I broke my fasting on purpose once!;p...What I WAS HUNGRY!?;p
Bebe n' Noonie said…
lol !;p
mm yea mara ga9 3alai il shai6aan w kalait bs ma kan lah da3ee ..
ta7saft !;p
Ruby Woo said…
I just started fasting properly 2 years ago. I used to eat when I was a senior in highschool and even if I did fast, I didn't pray at that time so it's kinda the same thing.

Honestly? Last year I during gergai3an, I made it seem as if I still had my period so I can eat from gergai3anna. I knoww, i'm a bad person!
ruby said…
i was always a little goodie two shoes :P

lol i really can't remember..bss el7eeen ana mayta yoooo3
ma y2then 3nda fe washinton ella elsa3a 8 :(
Anonymous said…
ehehe 7adi ma 2athker bss ana 5awafa fa a9oom... in high school since ma kent a9oom bel rou7a oo il rada oo any free time kela agraa quran bss now madree shfinee i read bss mu kethir gabl oo im feeling so damn guilty!!!
Anonymous said…
i cant remember anything! :/
i was 8 or 9 i think...and i really really couldnt tolerate the heat which made me thirsty as hell, so i used to drink the tap water during wutho2

7addy kint hypocrite, breaking my fast while preparing to pray :S
Balqees said…
well i started fasting mn jd
eno ya3ni not eating after 9lat alfajer 5 years ago
but b4 that s7oori was 10 am
well wesh aswee i was like that

:::ShoSho::: said…
looooooool I did cheat when I was young too .. so you are not alone hehehe...
powder said…
i remember breaking my fast LOOOOOOONG TIME AGO , like when i was 13 :P or maybe 14 , i was just confused i think or maybe just hungry and i think i did not like the idea for fasting , i just did not accept it :P
Fa6ma said…
I was 9 or 10.. I remember having a KitKat, I don't know from where. Went up the roof and ate it. Why? 'Cuz mom pissed me =D .. I ate it so fast I didn't even enjoy it. And I regret it and I won't do it again =p
Sh7afana said…
i once drank orange fanta ;p .. but i was 11!
Anonymous said…
icon: mashallah thats nice :)

A Journal Entry: wow nice!

desertpalms: that shows ur love for chocolate ;p

εκşĥα5™ : hehe I know alot of people do that ;p welcome here!

Mar8adoosh: hehe everyone does that ;p

MeeMzZ: ok forgiven ;p

Bebe n' Noonie: hehe...

Ruby Woo: LOL you made me crack ur naughty girl :D

ruby: awww wait it will open soon :)

sugar: 3ady its past... forget it ;p

ZaMaHReeR: were u that innocent ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I think alot of us have done that incl me :D

Balqees: awww ur still a mean Queen...thats y i took the crown from u ;p

:::ShoSho::: hehe thanks for the company ;p

powder: I guess its the age!

Fa6ma: Have a break Have a kitkat :)

Sh7afana: yummyyyy ;p
Navy Girl said…
hehehe well .. lemme make it simple to you , i never cheat .. y3ny if i aint fasting everyone knows lol :D
Ms. D said…
i was cryin outta hunger once when i was 15 or 16 maybe im not really sure ;p

and i went to my mom and started naggin her and started to whine about hnnger and alot of hupla.. then she was all like: fine D! take this sambosa o fukeeny!!!! my face lightened up as i collected my winnings.. and on the way to my room i caught a glimpse of foxes jam and cream cookies.. so i snuck in a whole 12 piece pack ;p took it all to my room.. locked the door.. sat behind the door just incase ;p and started to EAT!! YUM!! best feeling ever ;p

and no i didnt have any excuse for breaking my fast :)
Fa6ma said…
Me too like Navy Girl =p It's my official break and I'll enjoy it the way I want to =pPp

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