Ramadan and Crazy Driver

Where there must be peace among people in Ramadan I have always noticed the opposite. The most chaos is on the roads. Drivers have gone crazy. People drive insane like if they wont reach home on time they wont get their fa6oor. A lot more accidents and more arguing drivers on the road including me. I am more scared of the female drivers on the road than the males. They drive insanely!!!!

I mean where in the world there is this law that once you give an indicator to turn left or right and that's it after that u just change your lane. The road is yours the kings and queens are crossing the road.

Then another incident this lady is tailgating me like if I press my breaks she will hit my car and the next thing I will know is that she will be sitting next to me. In front of me there is a camera and on my right there is another car but that lady doesn't cares about the fines so she is still speeding. Finally I manage to give her way and the next thing I know is after she crosses me she wants to go right on the highway. Now why the hell in the world u want me to move out of the lane if you want to change your lane after crossing me.

These drivers are just going insane without their dose of caffeine. As for me I drive like a lazy driver in the middle lane till fa6oor. Once I get my tummy filled that's when the lanes are mine :D


Anonymous said…
i totally agree with u except on the caffeine part : p

me myself, i'm a coffee but whether i take my daily caffeine intake or not i always try my best to take care while driving : )
3anooda said…
LOOOOOOOOL should i be offended about the female driver comment?? hahahah

but i know exactly what u mean. dont get why everyone is rushing home like crazy as if getting home 15 minutes early would make a difference??
mo3ath said…
انا لو مكانك افتح لها عند الكامره خل تصورها

إذا في وحده هبله نفس الي صار معاك اوخر عيوني عن المنظره وامشي بدربي لما تلوع جبدها وتوخر لوووووول

اي عادي انا وايد احقر إذا الي وراي مومحترم :p
q8Honey said…
I gotta admit, I go between cars all the time to change lanes, mostely on the 4th ring road! not only in ramadan .. when ever I'm comming back home .. and i have no idea why i don't have patience to drive slowley!
Jewaira said…
It's not just Ramadan, it's all the time now. Something has to be done about the number of cars on the road.

I suggest car taxes, hefty fines for offenses, increased gasoline prices, and using surveillance cameras for ALL sorts of transgressions.

Otherwise, turn loose the vigilantes.
Aurous said…
LOL! Is it that bad?!

el7mdellah I haven't been caught in this kind of situation, but the traffic after f6oor is unbearable! It's so crowded, it feels as if everyone is in the streets and one reached their destinations @@
Anonymous said…
coffee addict **

seems that my lack of caffeine intake affects my writing :p
Hellraiser said…
I guess she left something on the stove. Seriously speaking, there is no driving etiquette in thi scountry, it's like everyone owns the road and you can't mess with them cause they fasting, well guess what smart asses so are we so whats the deal here?
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOL...i totally agree with you amby u reminded me of my sis LOOL...she is totally crazy she has no patients at all what so ever and when i'm going to school you should see the woman they are so crazy!! they scare the crap out of me!!
Technogal said…
ohhhh la et`thakerni fe crazy drivers.. aslan the minute I read your post thakartni fehom ow `7aletni ow engimat galbi :(
elmishkillah kelmalhoom ow yzedoon!! ma7ad ebyirfa3ly my presure ela ohma!
if I were a police man chan bada3t fehom!
A Journal Entry said…
ee wallah 9aj.. oo the last 15 min befoor fu6oor is the time roads switch into racing tracks!
Squirreliya said…
3adel kalamik ..la w ygi6oon roo7hum 3alaik mn ghair eshara ..2day enda3amt eb hal siba ;@ mo 6agg esharta w yabi ydesh 3alay! ma khalaita w akalt'ha :D
Technogal said…
EEE ow nseeet agooolkom 3an no3eeeiah ydeedah men el crazy drivers! habeen habaaa driving on both sides. loooool ya3ni yakhthon saydhom wely yamah "TABDEEE3"!
Anonymous said…
hehehe well thats life on the fast lane haa amu?;p
no but seriously the roads are a damn racing rally! soo scary these days!
i totally agree!!

this guy drove by me once and my car SHOOK!! you know what SHOOK is!! :S
Ansam said…
Its insane... and the crazy rush hour is too as well. When I leave work!

I lost it yesterday! I did something I usually dont do. I left work and drove towards where my sister works to pick her up... just when I decided to take right adriver decided to park his car and blocked the road... he simply turned it off, got off the car, and walked away! first I waved at him to move his car (kan 3inda majal!) he looked at me and IGNORED me... I honked a couple of times and cars behind me were honking like there is NO tomorrow... he ignored all of us... I shifted the gear to P and got of my car and stood in the middle of the street and called him!

Sij sij kan (!*#^^#*(#%*&#%
but I was fasting and tried to hold my anger as much as I could!!

He came calmly and slowly! He was so SLOW! But I managed to hold my anger further ughhhhhhh!
Mar8adoosh said…
Ahh I miss THE creative q8y driving ;p
Seattle dude said…
i usually like to zip around in my little car, but only if the roads are clear or easily navigable.

trying to force people out of the way will probably eventually lead to death
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
weee 5a6eer 7reemna mn swaga:P
walla ent 3aksi, a5af mn guys driving than ladies during the night :P
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: ahem ahem that's cuz ur different!

3anooda: welll they want to sit infront of the food and admire it ;p

mo3ath: Wallah same here but sometimes the people behind you make you scared ;p

q8Honey: Thank GOD I am not taking the 4th Ring Road any more :D

Jewaira: I totally agree on that...

Aurous: After fa6oor I am on my Edge (motorcycle) so I never feel the traffic..

Hellraiser: It just makes me tired by the time I reach home...

MeeMzZ: Should we get her some fines then ;p

Technogal: seems like you had a rough day :D The drivers are really bad..

A Journal Entry: Tell me about it...

Squirreliya: I wish there is a complain number where we can call and give the details about such drivers!

Technogal: drivers on both sides?? ;p you mean on the inner streets where they cover both the lanes :D

purelyorchid: LOL now that really made me laugh...sa7 thats life on the fast lane ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOL what was that a chevy truck?

Ansam: I am glad you gave him the piece of your mind :D

Mar8adoosh: LOL then come back for the taste ;p

Seattle dude: It will lead to death!

♥ P-Ella ♥ : hehe before fa6oor its the ladies and after its the guys...
Grey said…
I joined them , i couldnt beat them so ! , i mean if you are a decent driver ( and have a stupid small car ) people just shove you around, so right now i am one among them . Honestly !

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