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My 5 Addictions

I was tagged by ShoSho, thanks :)

1) Stationary: I have a big collection of pens, pencils and other stationary items. I keep buying them and saying to my self I will use it at a better time and that time never comes as I always feel I like them so much and don't want them to be lost. I finally end up giving it to people after a year or so.

2) Chocolates: I live on chocolates. I can eat 3 - 5 chocolates of different tastes at the same time without caring about how different they taste.

3) Photography: I love taking pictures. I like each and every picture that I take to be perfect in my own way and I have this habit of deleting unwanted pics the same time. So often I miss the scene as I am busy in deleting pictures.

4) Motorcycle: I love riding them in all weather. I call it my first love. I just feel that speeding and riding is in my blood. I often try to be safe as its good to die then to kill others with you.

5) Ice cream: This is my new addiction these days. I never used to be a big ice cream fan but for some reason I am having at least one ice cream per day this year.

10 things I hate about girls

I was tagged by Mar8adoosh. The tag is to write 5 things I hate in boys and girl but I am sure as most my readers are females they will have enough to write bad about us. So I have added the other 5 and made it to 10 things I hate about girls.

1- Girls who wear excess make-up, over do their hairstyles and wear clothes like they are going to party at the mall !

2- Girls with puffed 7ijab (go6y roob) : p

3- Girls who try so hard to copy 7aleema Boland and end up with new not understandable language !!

4- Girls who flirts with boys and start following them also if the guy didn't flirt back.

5- Girls who wear make-up for 3azaa !

6- Girls who go like, I can't repeat wearing the same clothes again shafouni fee hal libs !

7- Girls who wear extremely TIGHT 3abaya !!

8- Girls who make sure to show their earrings and fake blond hair strands under 7ijab .

9- Girls who keeps hitting on married men although his wife is NEXT to him but she just gives 6aaf to her .

10- Girls who try not to smudged their make-up while they eat so they end up looking so freaking weird (tara 3adee shda3waa eat and fix ur make up)

I tag P-Ella, q8Honey, Princess Famme and Grey.


Anonymous said…

Hehe, and "gives 6af to her" made me laugh;p
Grey said…
yey ! thanks mate ! will do the tag !
i know im a girl, bs i agree with all the stuff you said ;)
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
Chocolate and icecream bad bad bad for ur health amu :P STOOOOP them:P

oh thank god im none of those girls (a)
brocasarea said…
hm...i love ice cream too..but usually land up having a sore throat!...:(...

girls have many minus points!...they are unpredictably unpredictable!...:P
mo3ath said…
couldn't agree more with the 10 , you can go for 20 if you want loooooool
Big Pearls said…
ooooh u should have mentioned what u hate about boys from a boy's point of view.
Anonymous said…
anamethystworld: keep smiling :)

Grey: gr8...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: hehe

♥ P-Ella ♥: hehe its good to know that ur different :D

brocasarea: I used to end up with sore throat too but for some reason it has gone now :D

mo3ath: hehe the next 10 will come later ;p

Big Pearls: I didnt knew what to write as I hate most of the things in guys...
:::ShoSho::: said…
Hey show us some photos!

and stationary I have a thing for notebooks.. I have many new ones and lol at7assaf asta3milhom madri leesh!

o el hamdilla I do non of the above loooooool!!!
sis4you said…
the 10 things abt girls r really funny bro!
MeeMzZ said…
alaaaaaaaaaaaah i loveee chocolate icecream!!;p

and the girls part...i agree with everything you said!!;p
Technogal said…
I extremly agree with you amu khososan go6y elrooob loooooool :)
Anonymous said…
oh stationary, don't even get me stated .. i'm sooo in love with stationary .. i have almost everything here and i just keep on buying more and more : p

oh and who doesn't love chocolate and ice-cream *drools*

loooool i agree u can add more points .. o il 7imdillah i'm non of them as well :P
Anonymous said…
mm now i want icecream...gimme someeeeeee?

okay okay i kind of do number 6 =$ but only when its dress/party outfits ya3ni if ur invited to a party laziiimm u go buy something new rightt? its the perfect excuse =P

do you hate me now =P hehehe
Hamitaf La B. said…
lah lah lah ya amu... mat7eb el banat elee yalbisoon tight 3abaya... tsk tsk shame ... hathail es6ayl shfeek...

i share addictions 1 and 5.... ice cream... mmmmmm eshtahait...
Mariposa said…
Amu, you made me laugh early morning...thank you!

First off, I'm not so fond of chocolates...but I'm with you on the Stationary...and Photography. Hey, you may want to join Wordless Wednesday to post some of your photos...my post is now up, in case you want to see it goes... :)

And on things you hate about girls...amen to them! I don't like people who overdress and doesn't matter to me if they are male or female. And I hate males with make-up...LOL and yes, girls should not overdo make-ups. Make-ups are supposed to make a girl enhanced their face value, not to make them someone else! *wink
Broke Saudi said…
You really hate make-up.
Anonymous said…
chocolate and photography have a special place in my heart hehe..

There's actually girls who flirt with men and follow them? What has the world come to lol
Ansam said…
I share two with you; ice cream and photography
Seattle dude said…
i'm totally convinced that ladies have a little sonar in their purses for men that are in some kind of relationship
Anonymous said…
:::ShoSho::: I have seen a few girls into collecting note books :) I will post the pics soon ;p

sis4you: hehe..thanks sis!

MeeMzZ: I guess we all are big fans of ice creams :D

Technogal: LOOOL go6y elroob is the new fashion ;p

Anonymous: So you are a chocolate girl too :D

desertpalms: I don't share... ;p

Hamitaf La B.: I hate tight 3abaya big time...

Mariposa: glad to see you smiling :)

Broke Saudi: big time on girls on guys ;p

Delicately Realistic: :)

Batoul A.: Yes there are girls who follow guys too.. time has changed it ;p Welcome here ..

Ansam: I am so in love ice cream these days!

Seattle dude: which is so gross, right?
Ruby Woo said…
I hate girls who go to a restaurant and eat salads only.
:::ShoSho::: said…
LoL at ruby Woo! I love salads but I eat other things too!! and I can't go out without dessert!! Mafjoo3a adri!

I hate when some girls are too shy to finish their plate!
Mar8adoosh said…
amuuuuu shaklik u luv makeup looooooool
icon said…
Me Liked The list.
even i'm a girl but i agree with ya about the 10 things about girls men jed LooooooooL

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