The Eye Wonders

While going for a small ride an hour back my eye lens was kinda bugging me and just then all of a sudden it hit my mind that our eyes are one of the wonders of our body. Its with us in our good and bad days of life. It sees what we force it to see and sleeps when we close its shutters. It goes through so much. Its like a friend without which we cant live.

In the same way my sweet little eyes have been through a lot with me in the stream of last one year and they have been complaining that I have tempered them badly and here they are to share their views about me.

"Today we mark one year since we haven't seen that face but we are happy to see our owner smiling again. We have gone weaker than before because the flow of tears kept on going for few months in the beginning and the glass enabling us to view better has become more thicker. But we didn't mind as we read some interesting stories about you bloggers. We did meet some great people from this world. We did have some colorful moments too. We visited some new places around the globe and saw few beautiful wonders of the world. We felt loved and are proud to be with our owner"


Anonymous said…
Tara its true our eye really do go through a lot! I mean the things they see... good and bad... it has to be tough... thank you eyes for never complaining I promise to try to show you more of the beautiful and less of the ugly;p... and you can thank amu for that;p
A Journal Entry said…
oh the things they went through with us..
J o u j a™ said…
wow finally u decided to gve ur eyes a break from sorrow ;p

glad that your eyes are happy now :D
someone said…
matshoof shar amu, fdayt 3yoonak =*
Mar8adoosh said…
Inshala u never ever cry again Amu :(

3asa ana takrahu shay2n fahuwa 5ayrun lakum :*
Missy said…
True true! Bas allaah e5aaali el contact lenses .. elkubar shain ya wlaidyyyy *sighhhhhhhh*
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
eyes are another main of our body too

hope ur always feeling better and happy :D
In Reflection said…
I sent you an invite!
Princess said…
true and your eyes are rather sweet hehe
Hey eyes whats up, I'm Ninni nice to meet u, tell ur owner to cheer up ! :D
Princess Famme said…
My I
Your I
Their I
everyones I
it's thee I that sees the best of the best in the this world .. thee I that flashes memories, and looks for new ones .. So without I you don't live ;)
Chaotic pOsha said…
am here to comment about the "song" your displaying in your blog!

ARE THEY REALLY SERIOUS? hahah funny song really! makes no sense to me!

go for Britney Spears man ;p
Navy Girl said…
chub posha he is trying to be religious ;P hehehe

sooo have a happy EYES day lol ;P
Smarties said…
الله يخلي لنا عويناتنا يا رب :D
Anonymous said…
purelyorchid: LOL hehe why will ur eyes thank me? ;p

A Journal Entry: yes alot :)

J o u j a™ : thanks...

someone: awww thanks :*

Mar8adoosh: Inshallah I wont my million KD wife ;p

Missy: I only wear them while riding :)

♥ P-Ella ♥: thanks :)

In Reflection: I accepted it!

Princess: thanks for the compliment.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: :D

Princess Famme: I loved your comment so different yet so special :)

PaLoMiNo: thanks..

Chaotic pOsha: Ok Britney for you but u have to give us a new post too ;p

Navy Girl: LOL shino happy eyes day ;p

Smarties: Ameen :)
MeeMzZ said…
hehehe how are your eyes?! sorry sorry... anyways but i do agree with you about the eyes that they are the main part of our body they see thing that we want to see and the things that we don't!!;p
Anonymous said…
because u inspired me to show my eyes some more compasion;p.. so they have to thank you!;p
Anonymous said…
sooooo sweeeeet and sooo true
Coconut said…
Thats life Amu, everyone has their fair share of pain, suffering, sadness, watever u want to call it. Bas aham shay, is to get passed all that, move forward, forget the bad and remember the good, in he end it only makes you stronger..:) thats the beauty of life, it gives and it takes..
everytym that im going thru a bad patch i tell myself there are people out there that are suffering from hunger and sikness etc.. im far better off than they are, and i thank god for the life i have, and after a while you feel what you're going thru is insignificant, its yet another test, and in the end its always 5eera :)

so cheer up my frend, el 7ayat ma teswa.. enjoy it :)

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