Ten Best Ways To Impress

Ten Best Ways For A Man To Impress A Woman. Link

Ten Best Ways For A Woman To Impress A Man. Link


zwena said…
wayheeeeeeeeeeeeeek :P
zwena said…
eee i want my 3edeya :P'

am still a student (A)
Anonymous said…
I don't need a guide to impress men, so I checked out the men's guide. I don't agree with it.
Anonymous said…
why bother dude!!
take it easy and everything will turn to the perfect way
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOL...i have to impress my self first so i can impress a man!!;p

THANK GODDD THAT IT'S TOOO EARLY FOR MARRIAGE!! allah i3een the man that's gonna take me!! he won't dare to divorce me but he well commit suicide!!;p YUP suicide!!;p hehehe
Missy said…
I don't agree either!
Anonymous said…
zwena: lol your 3edeya enshallah :) how much u need?

anamethystworld: interesting!

ZaMaHReeR: I know I just read it so thought of sharing :)

MeeMzZ: long way to go for u :D

Missy: laish?
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
ok i didnt find anything for 10 things , where can i find them amu?
Aurous said…
that man is a little difficult to find :)

عيدك مبارك ^_^
Anonymous said…
i do agree with some points and disagree with the others .. though the things that impress me are different anyway : p

i also think it is based on the writer's point of view so it's not something we can generalize !

but trust me, almost every person knows how to impress his/her other half : )

3eedkum imbarak o ta8abal Allah 6a3atkum : D
nunu said…
e7m e7m! you are most welcome!
3anooda said…
3eedik imbarak oo 3asak min il 3aydeen

the only thing a guy needs to do to impress me is just be himself AND to give me attention. i need a lot of attention.

Otherwise im very ANTI-games
Ansam said…
3eidik embarak :-)
Anonymous said…
if you need to read something like that for advice..youre never gonna impress anybody , especially yourself =)

the sexiest thing in a man/woman is confidence in their self..and thats something you cant fake

happy eid dude! =)
kella met2a5er said…
GooD one, bas chinna elly katip halsowalif british shayib?? so, no..it will not work good here, LoL

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