First Ride

After fa6oor I went to Suzuki - Mustafa Karam to pick up my motorcycle. I reached there at 8:15pm and as I already did sign all the necessary papers yesterday and had my registration book with me it was all about taking the keys and getting on the bike. Again not to mention the service was bad. The salesman didn't even have the patience to stay with me for 2 minutes till I leave the showroom. The cashier was standing there to say bye. WTF? Anyways I was too exited to get on it that I didn't care and left.

Once I got on to it the amazing experience started. I loved every minute I spent riding it. I headed towards road 40 or Malik Fahad expressway as there were 20+ bikers riding towards Naweeseeb. We were supposed to meet up at Al Dahar petrol station but I caught a few bikers on my way. We stopped at the petrol station to fill our tanks and then went non stop towards Sultan center near Kheran Resort. We sat there for like 45 minutes and then headed back.

On my way back I left the other bikers and went speeding ahead. I was riding at 120km/hr and there was a time I didn't realize but I was at 180km/hr. It was sad that I had to slow down as I need to run the engine properly till the first 1000km. It was a ride I really needed in a while. I got the bike with ODO meter on 'O' and when I parked at home the meter showed 198km's. In 3 hours I nearly did 200km's. This makes me feel that I might be able to complete a 1000 km's by Sunday.

I entered home had my shower and as I am writing this post the shutter of my eyes is closing. I didn't take any pics today so sure I will be coming up with lods of pics soon. Thanks to Hellraiser for inviting me to ride with the group.

I still don't know what to name my bike so I will leave you all to suggest me some names?


Anonymous said…
hmmm, duno im sleepy too *yawns*

maybe when we see it we can name it :D

imglad u enjoyed ur 1st ride
Technogal said…
Mabroook El motorcycle :) Ya36eek kheerah ow ykafeek sharah.
Aurous said…
Pictures will be helpful in choosing a name :)

and remember to be careful ^_^
Hellraiser said…
You are most welcome, sorry did not have more time to chat, I was busy myself running the Blitz in at 205km/Hr lol, that was fun although my bum is still aching.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy it!:)
Anonymous said…
alaaaaaaaaaaaa abee SAYKAL!!! oo mabrook 3alaik il saykal:P ana agool name it 3alai sugar:)hehe the8a i knw... um aw ee 5anfaroosh 3ala 95alat my frnd allah yr7amha (the s5ala mu my frnd)!!! shrayik?
A Journal Entry said…
yeah i wanna see some pics =D
J o u j a™ said…
wow congrats :D
the bike is finally here =D
but you really should care shno 180 ?
TAKE CARE ya mama !!

and about that bike e7m e7m its should be named "beautiful dawn" ;p
Missy said…
I miss speeding, can't do that any longer though! :(

ummm call it bai'9 3yon ;P
mabrooooooooooooooook!! :)
aby pics aby aby aby! :D
Chaotic pOsha said…
maybe you should call it after something you really like..
or perhaps after the best road you like ride your bike in!

it will be helpful if i see the picture and decide a name for it ;p

or maaaaaybe u can call it "FastAmu" ;p
Mar8adoosh said…
AMU I WILL KILL U IF I SEE U ;@ 180 ?? 180????? come one amuuuu walla its dangerous
q8Honey said…
I agree with mar8adoosh, man u scare me! ilmohim allah ya36eek 5aira o ykafeek shara ..
:::ShoSho::: said…
Congrats and be careful!
Grey said…
Congratulations Amu ,... Drive safe and take care of your health .
Bebe n' Noonie said…
Mabrooook! Woow...thats really scarry!!:/ fe cars ymiik w nothing to protect u..alla wiyak inshalla anywaayy
call it billy bob..or David :p lol
Ansam said…

A pic would help?!
Navy Girl said…
wow would kill for a ride :D bs 180 ?? is that all you could do ??? hahahaha wala i miss my car i miss speeding the hell up !!!!!!! maaaaaan ! :D

yalla Congratz for the bike :)
Seattle dude said…

Bu 5eli

..... lol :P grats on the crotch rocket dude
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: hope u slept well ;p pics will be coming next :)

Technogal: Allah yebarek feech :)

Aurous: I will be posting the pics soon :)

Hellraiser: 205?? wow that nice... did u get the filter sorted?

anamethystworld: I will, thanks :)

sugar: you can have mine but at ur own risk..Allah yebarek feech :)

A Journal Entry: coming soon!!

J o u j a™ : LOL @ beautiful dawn :D

Missy: aww u shouldnt speed anyway its dangerous ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: enshallah sooon :)

Chaotic pOsha: Pics will be coming sooon :)

Unbroken Circle: thanks mate :) and Welcome here...

Mar8adoosh: :( I love speed...

q8Honey: Allah y3afeech...

:::ShoSho::: thanks :)

Grey: thanks :)

Bebe n' Noonie: We usually ride fast when there is no one around us :)

Ansam: Vader sounds nice :) sure I will post the pics soon :)

Navy Girl: it goes till 300 :)

Seattle dude: LOL @ Bu 5eli :D
desertpalms said…
180...pshht =P bas? try do 180mph!
Anonymous said…
3al baraka il new bike.. ya36ek khairha o ykafeek sharha inshallah :)
qazizna wyak 3ala yoom ;P
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
wow Bike *dreaming of riding a bike with ben affleck*

well mmm we duno what to name for ya bike until u show us the picture of ur bike maybe we can name by the look or something else.

I recommend you to name ur bike in japanese instead of english.what ya think?
Sh7afana said…
oooh bikeeee ;p .. a guy with a bike is a turn on! .. allah ya36eek khairha o ykafeek sharha enshalah ..
Adreanline said…
Mabouk...need photos to name it
Ruby Woo said…
You can always name it 'Ruby Woo'
MiYaFuSHi said…
Alf mabrook!

When can I get a ride?
Anonymous said…
desertpalms: I will do that soon..

ZaMaHReeR: y3afeek :)

♥ P-Ella ♥ : I am loving it ..come and join our club ;p

Sh7afana: LOL @ turn on ;p

Adreanline: I just posted one!

Ruby Woo: Inshallah :)

MiYaFuSHi: whenever you want to :)

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