A.M.U.: Artificial Mechanical Unit

Artificial Mechanical Unit

Get Your Cyborg Name


Technogal said…
What a cool cyborg name!
Will check my cyborg as well ^__^
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOOOL... Urs 3ajeeeb

everyone is makin one!!;p
Aurous said…
nice name :)
7da cool w simple ^_^
Smarties said…
loool yemmmaa et5ari3!
bs 6ala3lik nafs elli 6ala3lii!!
actually a7es it kinda suits you ;)
Missy said…
MISSY = Mechanical Individual Skilled In Sabotage & Yelling!

LOL :@
mo3ath said…
M.O.A.T.H.: Mechanical Operational Assassination and Troubleshooting Humanoid

كل هذا لووووول شنو خليت حق الي بعدي :p
Anonymous said…
Wow, it's a pretty neat name ; )

loool @ mo3ath
PaLoMiNo said…
ana mo fahma salfaat hatha il ka'en il fathaee ;p
Anonymous said…
Technogal: thanks :) I checked yours...

Mar8adoosh: hehe we both have the artificial thingy though ;p

MeeMzZ: thanks :)

Aurous: thanks..

Smarties: hehe what was yours?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Oh you think so? ;p

Missy: LoL you are really skilled in yelling? :D

mo3ath: LOOOOOOOOOL yours really made me laugh :D

Anonymous: I thought it wasn't neat at all ;p

PaLoMiNo: Palo yalla post yours on your blog you will understand it when we comment on it :D
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
cool look and it suits for bikers amu:D
3anooda said…
A.N.E.E.D.A.: Artificial Networked Exploration and Efficient Destruction Android

LOOOL - lakin it lost the 3ain???
Anonymous said…
They're freaky!
Balqees said…
B.A.L.Q.E.E.S.: Biomechanical Artificial Lifeform Qualified for Exploration and Efficient Sabotage

i'm SOOOO cool :P
better than urs i can alwasy beat u dude :P
Ruby Woo said…
mine turned out badly
Anonymous said…
Adrenaline: Artificial Digital Replicant Engineered for Nocturnal Assassination, Logical Infiltration and Necessary Exploration
Vixen said…
that's an awesome name!
Anonymous said…
♥ P-Ella ♥ : thanks ;p

3anooda: you sound dangerous ;p

anamethystworld: Yes they are :D

Balqees: you sound like a deadly disease ;p

Ruby Woo: I want to know what it was?

q8Honey: it is!!

Lavender: thanks and welcome here :)

Big Pearls: thanks to you...

theadrenalinefix.com: I think that suits u :)

Vixen: thanks :)
Grey said…
Cool ! Should have tried the full name .

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