Catch me if you can...

I have nothing else on my mind these days more than to ride this beauty. I am just loving every hour riding it regardless of this humid weather. I couldn't ride much yesterday as the weather got a bit windy by late night.

Finally there is a picture for all you readers to see how my bike looks so start coming up with good names. It looks exactly like the above pic so no confusion. Ansam suggested Vader and Voom in my last post. I kinda like Vader as it sounds as aggressive as this motorcycle is. But keep you suggestions flowing. I will finally then choose the best 5 names and will do a polling on that :)

btw sorry for not posting the real pics till now as I am still looking for the best time to take a few nice shots. So far day time its really hot and humid and night is too dark and humid which makes it the worse time to take few good shots.


Missy said…
I still stick to Baith-3yoon!
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
how about RAUCH its german it means smoke,language for bikers i guess it means speed :P my lil sis got that up for ya :P
kella met2a5er said…
3albarakaaaaaaaaaa,ya36eek 5eira o yekafeek sharra..ride fast but safe dude =)

HOw about hayabusa, it sounds....original, dont you think? LoL

NoNoWa thinks that you should name it, snowflake or basboosa or Mc Busa! LoooooooL j/k a son of a busa, and Im serious about this one, if I got one, I would`ve called it, Bin-busa..

Im calling mine, Bin-winger =
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Missy: laish?

P-Ella: Rauch .... interesting I will keep that in mind :) thanks...

Kella Met2a5er: Allah ye3afeek :) I know hayabusa sounds original but too many on the road :D

I like Nonowa's suggestion on basboosa ;p and Mc Busa, hehe

Bin Busa :DDDDDDDDDDD I guess we got a family tree here, LOOL

Amethyst: No thats too girlish ;p
chilli pepper =D

madree laish bs a7esa layeg! :D
Anonymous said…
TOLD u... 5ANFAROOSH!!! 9ij 7ilo il name i like... oo ee ya7lailik willing to give that babe up at my own risk:P loo ana chan ma7ad ejees'ha yalla i agree WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK!!!
Missy said…
wanasaa :P y3nee when some1 calls uu and ur bel share3.. they tell u wainik? o entta tgool: ana bel 6reeeej weya baith 3yoon!! ;p
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
np dude;) I like the name too! lol missy g3da at5yal :P
Anonymous said…
Dandoon: nice one!

Sugar: cuz the bike has one seat so either u or me ;p

Missy: LOL thats a nice idea ;p

P-Ella: thanks...i will keep ur name in consideration :D
J o u j a™ said…
it means lighning in spanish..
Dalal said…
1. Blade
2. Thunder
3. Storm

They popped up when i saw the pic
A Journal Entry said…
there's this one name that keeps on crossing my mind while searching for a name.. "efshigah" hehehe but not manly enough for a bike! ;P
:::ShoSho::: said…
Very night, will you lend it to me? but I don't garantee you will get it back in good condition lool
bb q8 said…
would like to see the real thing! enjoy!
Anonymous said…

mm..and the best one i think by far from all the suggestions above (sorry guys!) DRUM ROLL PLZ..... :


=D waja think? very manly sa7?..i wud come up with more mastermind genius suggestions bas its time to eaaat so c yaaaaaaa =P
shoosha said…

its a powerful name named after a powerful person :D

eshtaby ba3ad akthar min chithy ;p
Anonymous said…
Mabroook : D allah ya36eek mn 5aira o yakfeek shara ; )

Umm, how about Raider, Viper, Raptor or Leviathon ?

if u need more just let me know : )
Adrenaline said…
Call him the Duck but in Arabic, El Batah
icon said…
nice bike bro. Have fun
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…

looks like you know about bikes names bs I like raider more ,what ya think amu?
Smarties said…
3al barakaaaa!! looks nice el 9ara7a!
3ad shnu lona bl 9ij?
yala yetkasar bl 3afya :P j/k

taby esm 7aqha? hmmmm 3antar!! :D
Bebe n' Noonie said…
earl! its sooo hot !;p and funny
i found these on a website..i dnt lke em as much as earl tho;p
very wierd !;p
Anonymous said…
p-ella, well i do know about names in general : ) cz i always name my things (as laptop, mobile, car , pets etc.. )

so i'm used to come up with unique names as well as searching for one : p

and i have friends from almost every single nationality ; p so that helps as well = )
Mar8adoosh said…
ana a9lan 5ala9 I'm going to the big boss ! YOUR MOTHER !
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
woow annoy you seem so interesting person to me really:) Kinda like you but names has to have meanings you know :D so whats ur nickname ;) ?

<< getting interested in annoy !
Technogal said…
Nice bike amu..3leek bel3afia :)
waiting for some shots!
Big Pearls said…
waiting for the real pics:)
Anonymous said…
J o u j a™: wow nice one...I will keep it in the list ;p

Dalal: Blade is on the list too...thanks :D

A Journal Entry: thanks for trying though ;p

:::ShoSho::: : you can have it with full insurance ;p

bb q8 : sure you are near to my place pass by any time :)

desertpalms: LOL laish candyfloss :D

shoosha: thats the best name I could get ;p

Anonymous: Allah yebarek feek :) I like Raider and Leviathon...will keep them in my mind :) thanks ss :) sure give me a few more strong ones I might consider them too :)

Adrenaline: LOL is it that fat ;p

icon: thanksss

♥ P-Ella ♥ : I like Raider too :D

Smarties : Allah yebarek feek...wait for how long ;p

Bebe n' Noonie : these names have already been given to bikes ;p

Anonymous: yalla I need more names please :)

q8Honey: thanks fo pasing by though ;p

Mar8adoosh : when are u coming? ;p

♥ P-Ella ♥ : ahem ahem @ getting interested in annony ;p

Technogal: Allah ye3afech..inshallah soon :)

Big Pearls: coming sooon :)
What a beauty... I want a ride!
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
lool give p-ella a break:P I duno he seem knows how to choose real good names for bike,dont ya think:P oh amu whats ur bike color?
Anonymous said…
Disturbed Stranger: are more than welcome to take a ride :)

♥ P-Ella ♥: yes he is good,,,my bike is the same color as the one in pic ;p pearl white with red stickers :D
J o u j a™ said…
yey my name is one the last :D :D :D
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
awesome color:D ok I can't wait what you'll choose the name for ur bike pal;)
Ruby Woo said…
What happened to Ruby Woo?

O the bike looks amazing...
Aurous said…
It looks nice ^_^

Shiro.. it's japanese for white :)
shi (as in she but kinda shorter)
ro (as in roman)


kage.. it means shadow
ka (as in "ca"r)
ge (as in "gue"st) :)
Mar8adoosh said…
mara7 agool 3shan u get surprised ;p bas im gona say this .. mara wa7da w inta nayim ra7 t7a9ilik kaf from ur mum .. that would mean I already came and left ;p
Navy Girl said…
dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i'm on :P wana take a rid 7adaaaa ;P

why dont you just call it BIG BRO ! :D wala sounds fun .. forgot about it for a while !! i know that 5arofa agrees with me though :D
Anonymous said…
Aww p-ella thanks alot hon : *
but i need to clarify something here i'm a SHE not he : s

and a very feminine she mind u ; p but i just share some love for SOME of the guys stuff : )
and that what makes it fun hanging around ppl around me cz i just can relate to both genders : ) (not in look though ; p)

so here are some few more names :

snelheid (speed in Dutch)
velocidad (speed in Spanish)
o rei ( the king in Portuguese)
Schatz (treasure in German)
Anonymous said…
and i have much more names but they are too feminine : p
Anonymous said…
J o u j a™ : )

♥ P-Ella ♥: you will know it soon :)

Ruby Woo: Ruby is beautiful the way it is ;p

Aurous : thanks :) like both of them :)

Mar8adoosh: 7ayach ;p shall I book the ticket :D

kella met2a5er: I have heard that before too mate...

Navy Girl: NO NO NO u stay with ur slk ;p

Anonymous: Oh Ms She (welcome here) for some reason I am still liking Raider more ;) thanksss for all the help :D I guess u can give the feminine names to P Ella ;p
Anonymous said…
so you deleted my comment because the bike really doesn't exist?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: NO I deleted your comments cuz people like you don't deserve to be in my comments. And I don't need to prove anyone what I have or don't! People who read my blog know who I am unlike losers like you who comment with as Anonymous...SHAME ON YOU!
PaLoMiNo said…
hmmmmm... name it PaLoMiNo ;p hahahaha feni jnoon il 3athma ;p
Anonymous said…
Amu just ignore that 2nd anonymous ! these kind of ppl piss me off : @
Anonymous said…
Anon: I will...its just I had to give them the peace of my mind :D thanks for the support :)
MO3ATH said…
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Anonymous said…
anytime bro : D
Anonymous said…
Palo: inshallah ;p

Mo3ath: Allah ye3afeek :) o welcome back...

Anon: )
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…

aw damn *eng9 wayeha* lool ok then ur still interesting gal to me :P

wow you got pretty good names there:D
Nora-Cassandra said…
HAYABUSA... go ma!!! good choice!!! got my full respect there!!! i know many with them... but i do think it's bit big for me and my satse... i will still stick with my choice of Z1000!! 1 more your man!!! one more year and i will have it!!!!! :D
Nora-Cassandra said…
by the way darling the name of hayabusa means peregrine falcon... that might help you with giving your baby boy a name!
brocasarea said…
my bro would do anything to lay hands on it!!!
Anonymous said…
P-ella .. Loool thanx ; )
7abeebty la ynfa9 wayhch o wla shay tara 3adee : ) .
Navy Girl said…
dude whats going on !!!

and nooo i dont wana drive a car i wana try a BIKE :D
Grey said…
Nice bike ... i am not good with names ... i like the vader too ..
3anooda said…
White Blood - madri laish bas hatha awail shay 5a6ar 3alabali laman chift il 9ora

ya36eek 5airha oo yikfeek sharha inshallah - enjoy but be safe

i loved ur blog - im linking u up

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