Work Day

My work day so far *touch wood* is going really great. I woke up after sleeping for 9 hours at 4am LA time 3pm Kuwait time feeling all fresh and good. Log on to the net and my addiction to blogs I click on chika's blog and I couldn't stop laughing when I read the title : ) I don't need stress ball for today!

Had our Global Marketing Meeting which went pretty good as I was too busy chatting on msn : )

My VP comes and sits with me he says why you want to leave and bla bla bla I said fine I will stay because I need the bonus :D *joke* I really feel good after letting all that grudge in my heart out,hehe

Had a chat with Ms Dude. She is all grumpy because this world of bloggers mix friendship and relationship. They don't know that guys and girls can be FRIENDS too...What do you people say? Can a guy and girl be FRIEND or its always love? To me it depends how you take it. I take it mostly as friendship unless I go out and ask the girl out!!

Aicha and all others think I am maleeq, khebel, maynoon and all the sweet words because I am not paying attention at work.

Mom and family says I should come back home soon. They all miss me!

I say I still have to visit London for 10 hours on my way back, which is soo much fun as all my mates are there!

I am super hyper today :D


Navy Girl said…
i'd dont even dare to bring on my phone in a meeting .. and your chatting on MSN !! so not fair ooo in LA ! i soo wana work there !! mashala :D

about friends and all ... Yes .. i believe that its okay .. i mean in real life and around blogs .. whats the difference ??? your just having a friends that all , friendship got nothing to do with GENDER .. love is totally another issue .. people should seriously think deeply before judging things very shallowly .. its very stupid to see it from one prospective as in boys & girls should be only involved in LOVE .. and they cant be friends .. i myself have male friends .. and we are only friends , that’s about it .. it really depends on the way they think as well .. cuz still there are those narrow-minded people ..

london ??? 7ady wana come along !! :D
Desert-Roses said…
can be...depend on their mentalities..

in some cases close friendship leads to a love relationship...
'Grey' said…
Back in my college days we had a huge gang of boys and gals ! at first it was fun ! then after being friends for a while every body had loveria , (and the gang broke up becuse there were 3 girls and 8boys . )

So the conclusion : Every action has a consequence .
chikapappi said…
well i think you are crazy & yes sometimes boys mistake friedship for love sooooooo, blame the boys man!
Anonymous said…
chika: well girls do the same too, so lets blame the girls!!

navy: I agree on the friendship comment - you and london :pPp
Canc3riaN said…
Love and friendship between guys and girls is something that only time reveals to both the girl and the guy... why? BEause people are not the same.

In some cases, a girl sees in a guy a "brother". Sometimes she sees in him a "lover". Depends on who needs what. Psychology also plays a role here i guess. I mean i'm sure! lol

Ummm, However, I think that deep inside every human being there is this nature of getting attracted to the opposite sex. still, not necessarily.
zia said…
“Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.” -Oscar Wilde... Now that you've read that. I have to say it's not necessarily true (I don't think! At least not for me!) Unless, you become very good friends, then, Oscar might be right :P because at least one party starts to develop feelings! It really just depends on the people involved, you can't generalize about these things! Oh and have fun in LONDON!!
Anonymous said…
amethyst: thanks :)

desert-roses: I guess that rarely happens..

canc3rian: I agree!

zia: I should start believing in Oscar :P he might be right :)
Ra7aLaH said…
i second oscar ;p

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